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  1. w00t!! I had a ton of games on my atari cassette backup. A cassette is only magnetic storage. Of course you could put information on one it still works on the same basic principle of magnetic storage today. But as Mungewell mentioned, it was pretty prone to issues.
  2. I dunno... I guess you could create another hardware profile. But that would require a reboot and thats a bit more painful than disabling.
  3. Nice blog bro I will try this once I get into the new house and can put up a dish... it's not allowed where I'm at boo!
  4. Interesting take on life Slickota but, seems a tad egotistical if you are older than 19 if not, very inteligent I'm not sure I'd want that as my first post but anyways a hardy welcome to BinRev! I'm Craygee the forum's neighborhood dork LOL :help:
  5. I like you idea of the checksum but unfortunately if you are compairing it to the original checksum it will most likely not match due to patching and changes since the install. But if there havent been then away you go Good start. You also can go check out the Foundstone Forensic Tool Kit it's friggin awesome. Everyone should carry that in their pocket. Also if you want to constantly monitor apps for possible crap use Foundstone FileWatch hella kewl. Also what do you mean about the no IDS due to placement is there no room at the router to stick a tiny machine with remote capabilities to just sniff the wireless?
  6. Heylo Happy to hear that you are exploring the boundaries of the "normal :borg: " world. Just the curiousity of the sanctity of your boss's FTP server is very kewl and shows a decent sense of security. So grats It's a good start. **Purple i love the drop of the link it's pretty decent and even goes into all modes active/passive server/client w00t! Me likes! **Remix port 21 is commonly known as the "control" port. Since FTP is 2 ports common 20 & 21 with 20 being the "data" port.
  7. Yeah it's $19 a year But work paid for it as an "experimentation tool" YAY!
  8. I posted a kewl little tool to automatically hide ur IP a cheap way by auto routing u through proxies makes it more simple. "Invisible IP Map"
  9. Meh sry what I said make no sense... it's 0345... I be terrrd
  10. w00t!! Grats Iron!
  11. SRY all, that I was unable to attend. Lelantus I deff applogise I didn't respond in time. I actually had to go back home this weekend so I wasn't in the "DC" area anymore. I had business to take care of. Did it go well?
  12. But I think thats an unfair vote. I have 2... one "unsecured" with a SSID called Linksys lol :blaster: :skull: and then my main
  13. I'm so glad you're able to admit you have ADHD Selfless. Thats the first step to getting better by admitting your problem. LOL **Gives selfless a hug** Hi Selfless! BTW Speak not of such evils my friend. For you can't give up on the world... of warcraft. We love you come back :fireskull: There are a lot of VB people in here that can prolley help ya out I can't think of anything off the top of my head for once :borg:
  14. You must be like, able to like, kinda like read minds. I my soul is like so touched. I feel we're like linked in like the afterworld er sumthin. LOL AHH us 133t H4x0rs UNITE! Form of a forum.
  15. Pretty kewl tool. Lets you select where to re-route ur IP through. Pretty nifty. Wish I woulda found it earlier when I was doing the Zattoo thingy. Invisible IP Map