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  1. I agree, if you take this to another level and say the way we define government is by laws and regulations then yes we need much less government interference. You can stop terrorists in other ways then just by writing 1000's of laws no one every pays attention to but in the end give the government more of a reason to spread their police apparatus around the world. Laws need to be changed...and some laws need to be removed from the books altogether. It is kind of funny though because all of a sudden there has been great interference between us and the government. Now I will present a simple case: MP3's...all of a sudden swapping songs is bad? but hasnt this been going on forever? What about people who tape songs from the radio? Arent they commiting just as much of a crime as those who download? What about the MPAA and their obsession with video rights?? Havent people been going to movie stores renting cassete video tapes for years and have had the ability to dub one tape onto another? But all of a sudden there are a whole new bunch of criminals because technology has improved? What about the linux users who want to watch dvd's but can't because of how they are encrypted? isn't this playing into the governments hands because microsoft owns windows and the government basically has microsoft under their thumb after all the monopoly lawsuits? The government doesnt want open source. They want source only they can control. Has it come to the point where we can't decide what we want to put on our own computers that we paid for? I think what we have here are large corporations attemting to look like victims and by doing this gaining government support. Once you have government support you can count on your business being sucessfull no matter what...even if you scam everyone out there and make up a bunch of lies. Another reason they are so concerned with people 'stealing' their music and movies is that they can make people feel guilty. Once they make you feel guilty they control your wallet.
  2. yeah, the hardware stuff sounds interesting. it would be cool to see a map of how everything works together and where it is all located and how it can be changed and what can be swapped out for what.
  3. xbox hacking is preety common...I saw a special on it on TechTV. They have lots of apps for it to turn your xbox into an OS and a lot of other stuff. EvolutionX is one of the apps ...
  4. very true. george bush may be a good president in regards to the war on terror...i am talking strictly wars and ridding terrorists but he is taking away all our rights. George Bush has vested interest in all these large corporations. None of them are different from each other..they all fall in the same pool of Monopoly and bush gives them lots of breaks to gain support and votes. Cheney is a big loser too. He knew Enron was a scam and did nothing to stop it. I am not suprised he has been in hiding for 3 years. He knows he is a scam artist and feels the best way to avoid another 'whitewater' is to hide and let dubya do all the talking.
  5. These big businesses are getting out of control. The government needs to put an end to the AOL time warners, Disneys etc etc of the world. They are all monopolys and do nothing to benefit our society. AOL time warner played a huge role in causing our current recession....and it is not suprising that people are now staying away from AOL. These businesses make me sick to my stomach. They try to take away our rights and freedoms so they can profit. People like Steve Case, Michael Eisner and ted turner are scum. And if you say how could these corporations destroy our country ...look at what Enron and WorldCom did...
  6. Do you guys think that this form of video rental will become mainstream and hollywood video/blockbuster etc etc will go out of business?
  7. one method that would work for short term to extend your viewing time... just place the dvd in a bag and vacuum seal it between uses as far as spraying a clear coat on it I am not sure that would work as the laser would have trouble reading the cd... also what effect would leaving the dvd in water between uses have?...maybe a cheaper alternative to the vacuum seal method another method would be to rip the dvd before it expires and then just burn it onto another non chemical protected dvd with your dvd burner
  8. yeah, office 2000 is fairly old in software terms. I was planning on getting the new version of office ..i think its called office 2003 rather than go out and buy xp right now...I am not sure when that is coming out though...hopefully soon.
  9. that is what I am using version 6 sp1 I crashs so much... usually it says invalid memory reference or something then all the windows close out... other times its some error in pdm.dll or something like that ..that is associated with office 2000 that causes IE to crash..they have a fix for it but it requires you install and update and when I try to install the update it asks for my office 2000 cd that came with my computer. i gave away my cd to someone thinking I could get office xp from someone else if something went wrong or I had to reformat but that never happened so now I guess I have to buy office all over again. those arent the only errors...lots more
  10. PS Internet Exploder sucks too... I would say it crashes at least every 20 minutes POS :mumble:
  11. ahhh that sucks..i was missing a bunch of <font color="#000000" size="2" face="Verdana"> tags... :mumble: no wonder certain links were getting clicked more than others... and because I had IE set to make all links black I couldn't tell until I loaded it in Nutscrape
  12. is my website showing up right on your guys browsers? think there might be a link color problem because some of the links in netscape show up as blue and others don't... anyone know why? thanks
  13. It's his show. I say let him talk about whatever he likes. He probably knows he is alienating some listeners but he would rather talk about what is on his mind (as far as all the talk about war and other things not related to computers). As far as the donations, people don't work for free so I would give them some slack. Although the show isn't that informative anymore I guess it is what they want to do.
  14. Usually what it does is it makes it so the post is there but in the post text for your session it says (you have blocked this users - click here to view his/her post)...but this board uses software that doesn't have that option. it's not that big of a deal.... :borg:
  15. ......