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  1. when you say windows, there are 2 possibilities : XP/Vista or Seven if it's XP/Vista I'd say Linux > Windows if it's Seven, of course Windows > Linux I have moved from windows to Linux in 2006, worked with Linux for 3 years, completely formated my partitions to ext3. In 2009 I got a mac book pro and discovered Mac OS X for the first time. what can I say ? if you can afford a Mac, go for it, it's worth it's price, the OS goes perfectly with their nice hardware, and do not run windows on it ! if you can't afford a max, get windows 7, I must admit, it changed my opinion about micro soft products, for the first time in years, they made something worth using, windows 7 is very stable and rarely bugs, performance is nice, slightly slower than XP but way better than Vista. (during holidays, I play the whole days, and download the whole night, so I don't reboot my laptop often, last time the system was running for 3 weeks, no crush no bugs, just windows gadgets crushing every 2 - 3 days, Windows 7 Ultimate x64) if you need an OS that will oblige you to configure every part of it, compile it's drivers every-time, fix every aspect of it by code, and you do not mind all this, you can get Linux.
  2. but what about this ? http://people.redhat.com/csnook/atl2/
  3. Hi everyone, I was trying a few months ago to move to Linux at once, but unfortunately i get i strange problem when it comes to INTERNET. I have an Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T. The driver for this card is available and it works just fine, the card is detected by default in Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 9. I'm on a private network, so i get an automatic IP address via DHCP (something like 192.168.0.x). In Ubuntu 8.04 : ------------------- - when i try to open websites with firefox, i can only access the mozilla website (as well as it's sub-domains : addons.mozilla.org ...). when i try other websites like google or any other website, firefox makes a request and get stuck at the "waiting for response from the server" status. I thought maybe it's a problem with firefox or it's configuration and tried with wget, wich led me to the same problem (stuck at the waiting status). - no DNS problem because i can ping any website and it works perfectly. In Fedora 9: -------------- the same problem, either with firefox or wget, but this time it's the fedora website and it's sub-domains witch are accessible. no problem with ping or DNS. - I have disabled ipv6 support in fedora9. - I use the gnome desktop.
  4. the general idea is to make a spy ware witch behave like an ordinary image when it's lunched for the first time. then, it will install itself in the windows folder and add itself to the startup programs. then it will gather any possible information about the target machine. and possibly after that, I'll try to add a key logger functionality. the data gathered will not be sent directly to me but it'll be sent to web server instead (via http). that's the big picture of the project. my goal is not the spy ware itself, but i just want to get more experience about : - client-server programming. - windows registry. - and finally, i want to learn about malicious programs by making one rather than reading others source code. anyway, I liked all your suggestions and i'm willing to be a hacker more than ever. and now that i had a "good" understanding of what hackers do, i have one more question : where should i look for problems so that i can try to find solutions to them ? (open source projects ? bugs and security holes ? or making new programs that serves others ?)
  5. as far as i know, hackers are 3 categories : - white hat : help solving security problems and finding bugs or software vulnerabilities and then find solutions to them. - black hat : bad guys looking for destruction, they are also considered as criminals. - gray hat : a mix of the 2 flavors. that's the picture i have in my mind.
  6. i agree with you, but we have been taught to just learn how to use the tools (languages) to solve enterprise problems (Information systems, e-commerce, ...). that's the of education we get.
  7. i just love computer sciences and especially programming, and the fact that i'm programming a spy ware doesn't mean anything. for me it's just a practice for my skills. i couldn't fin a better idea to start with. if you have an other suggestion then why not. you said : Hackers think out of the box... they don't need to be told what to do. well i'm not a hacker yet. that's why i'm asking for help to get started. don't tell what exactly to do, just give me the big picture of what hacker do either they are black or white hat. this doesn't mean i don't know anything about it, but i just want to know your opinion.
  8. why would i lie anyway ? i'm actually working on a spy ware, it's my first, but i want to know what other hackers do what is the k-rad leet hacker manual ?
  9. Hi, I'm a Computer Sciences student and I was interested in hacking from the time I was a little boy. I have read many articles that speak about how to become a hacker. they all agreed that I should learn how to program and learn to use a linux distribution. now i have learned many programming languages (C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, Xhtml/css, php, and Javascript), i have also use a little of python and C# and many others. i have also used and learned many linux distributions (ubuntu, mandriva, backtrack,...), also i have learned some TCP/IP networking. the question is : i'm i ready to get to some real hacking now that i have learned these ? if yes, from where should i start, and where ? thank you.
  10. the second link is really nice thank you !
  11. I didn't say i will brake Microsoft and Apple with my new OS , it's just a Final Studies Project. It's aim is to show the teachers what you have learned and that you can working application and that you are able to go on !
  12. iron geek's web site ==> Binary revolution !
  13. Hi, well, i will have to make a Final Studies Project next year, and the teachers are advising us to make a commercial product, using web technologies such as PHP or ASP, or just desktop programs using that stupid Visual Basic 6 or the .NET version. I didn't like theses suggestions, and i have taught of something that would be much more interesting and exciting than just serving Enterprises. What i wanna do, is creating a Linux based distribution. I don't want to just use the Linux kernel and add modules and packages to it. I need you to tell me how can i build a very basic distribution which will use the Linux kernel + some modules if necessary + C/C++ compiler, linker, ... I'm wondering if this will be enough because what i want to do after that is creating my own File Explorer using C and GTK or SDL, a basic text editor and a small media player So can you help me ?
  14. Hi i am LordRach, I found the Binrev link at iron geek's Website, i have some simple but good programming skills, PHP, XHTML/ CSS, Javascript, C and SDL, I'm a beginner C# and XML programmer, I'm a great noob at TCP/IP and networking and hope provide help and getting helped in this forum. thanks
  15. hi, I think C is the best choice, even if it's a bit hard, after you learn it, nothing can stop you ! you can learn any other language in no time. why ? because almost all the languages have a lot of similarities to C, for instance : PHP , javascript, java, c#, ... so just go for it, it worth the pain !