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  1. Hello nubbin forum! Im curious as to what to expect performance wise from my computer after installing a software firewall. The last time I used one of these things, it severely hampered my bandwidth and my latency went through the roof. Also, I torrent ALOT of HD hockey games, and need my upload speed to pretty much stay at where it is now. What can I expect to have to go through with a ZoneAlarms software firewall to make sure my port forwarding setup is fine and that I dont have many problems.
  2. We should just meet up and go to Sabres games when Im in town.
  3. Ahhh fuck Im stuck and work and I dont have my portable HDD with my music on it. This is gonna drive me insane till I get done with my hockey game tonight.
  4. April meeting this friday, check out the 813 site for details Site's wrong. 19'th is Saturday, homeboy.
  5. Yeah IBM only uses it here for call volume monitoring. Nothing too extravagant. I just wanted some background info on it.
  6. You were an MM/EM werent you?
  7. The IBM helpdesk I work at uses Avaya CMS to monitor call volume for our Tier 1 flunkies. I've been told that I have to wait to get clearance and for the company to pay for a key for me to use it, but in the meantime I was wondering if I could prod some of you and if you knew any background info on how this system works. Any manuals would work awesome as well. Google turned up slim, but Im probably doin it wrong. Thanks!
  8. I would suggest residential FiOS (via VerizOWN) if it's in your area. Any fiber ISP will be considerably cheaper.
  9. Isn't all this what CID spoofing is for?
  10. I love this motherfucker. He got my setup with a IDE for compiling my basic "from the Idiots guide" C program.
  11. Dumpster diving, anyone?
  12. Now now... Theres nothing wrong with having the max amount of case fans... I kinda like all that background noise. Im so sick of these shitdicks who complain that their computers are loud. So the hell what? If you can still hear it, get a better headset!
  13. Im curious about this as well. Doesn't asterisk offer the option once logged in to dial-out using the same connection? If so, does it use the line the user dialed-in on or does it use the recieving line on the asterisk end to send a connection to an external number. tl;dr version: What he said. PICTURE TIME!!! ()Laptop() | | (incomming) | {}Asterisk{} | | (outgoing) | []External number.[] Do you dial an external number THROUGH the asterisk service like in above shittily constructed image at 6:17 AM EST on a Tuesday morning with no caffeene yet? Or do you get re routed through the incomming line that you connected with?
  14. Could be the version of XP... Those would be my two most obvious guesses. You are still making posts here so Im guessing you can torrent a new copy of XP. Just look for one that ends in .iso or some kind of image format that way all you have to do is use something like Deep Burner to make the disk. Sounds like it could also be some kind of HDD failure. Bad patch of writeable space on the drive. [EDIT]It's backwards, most likely a Windows problem, not a HDD problem.[/EDIT]
  15. Im in Buffalo ALOT for business meetings, and Id love to see if there are any meetings in that relative area... Anyone?