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  1. vista hates everything but really, verify where you downloaded the azureus installer and make sure it isn't backdoored. Actually on second thought, try to trace the process the exe itself and scan it to make sure it isn't just a backdoor on your computer with it's process named after your default p2p program.
  2. I started writing windows batch files 2 or so years ago, then kept doing stuff like that for about 6 months, then I started reading a whole lot more about hacking when I got my first computer. I got a Dell Inspiron e1505, and I upgraded the ram and what not, then my dad gave me his piece of shit compaq presario desktop, which I madly upgraded with two gb of ram and a new graphics card, and a 300 gb hard drive, and now I am still learning, two years later. Right now I'm trying to hone my rooting skills, which are decent, but sub-par in my eyes. Hit me up on AIM at chessgreyking2 or email me at Chessgreyking@yahoo.com if you need help with anything too n00bish. We've all been there before. Grey King EDIT: I actually forgot to answer the question. I am completely self taught, with zero assistance from other people that I personally know.