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  1. Thanks ill look into from free books. Its just i feel like im missing a step because i did this once before with Bulletproof FTP and it used 75.177.XXX.XXX my dynamic ip and everything worked fine. I just dont know what im missing.
  2. So i googled for tuts and such and i found someto be some what useful. Im trying to set up an FTP server using FileZilla (server) and then FileZilla (client) to access it and put files and such in it. I did what i thought were the basics as i was told from many tutorials, Forward port 21, Create a new folder that the FTP server will use, Create an Account. And everything is fine untill i got to one part in a tutorial talking about a Dynamic DNS. I have a Dynamic IP but dns? Also the FileZilla server is set by default to Server: how can i change that to work so i can access it remotely? I know ill have to have changed seeing as its home. So my overall question is how can i set it up to where i can access it remotely? Thanks in advance
  3. ok that makes more sence
  4. Thanks Ohm, ive been using tor for a while, but never seems to work the right way. I tested with another friend once i sent him packets (connecting to his ventrilo server) with different proxies or just using tor and my ip still shows up the same. ive read up on tor and then proxy firewall and i cant get either to work well.
  5. So Ive been wondering how to mask or filter packets outgoing from my computer. Anyway to do this to where my ip is masked or something along those lines? Reading, tips, tuts all are welcome. Thanks
  6. Thanks phasma thats all i really needed was some direction.
  7. idk you tell me? Thats why its in the noob section. i mean you can be a dick or you can help.
  8. I guess the best way to compromise a box remotely without using a laptop.
  9. To avoid making a new thread can you explain on what a debian server is?
  10. Well im back on binrev and i cant find a good way to hack remotely without a laptop. Just nothing seems to work. BackTrack 3 is ready to be booted on a live CD as well as Knoppix STD. Im using Windows Xp sp2 as my "default" OS. I mean i can try things like Metasploit and what not but thats for unpatched systems. Any good reading or tips? thanks.
  11. FAKE ID chicka chicka yeaaa
  12. Well port scanners its just to easy to use.. nmap but yea i mean like a general focus lets say Exploitation of networks? idk
  13. Well my general interest is remote hacking.. But with the lack of a laptop ( "you cant get one till senior year" blah blah) lol. Its kinda hard i wouldnt say wirelss stuff but more in depth would be exploiting unpatched systems and finding vulnerabilities in networks ( searching for that 1 ignored computer). Things like that.
  14. Hey dude on www.youtube.com there is a whole episode on WEP cracking i guess it geos along with that your saying. The card they use can send de-auth packets (dos wireless). I think its by the hak .5 guys.
  15. We all suffer from it but i wanna know what to do. There are so many topics in hacking like phreaking wireless shit all that. But i want to have 1 general focus b.c i get sidetracked easy. I dont really need "basics" ive done that i just need a main focus. My interest is Remote hacking. Just a little steering would be nice. Thanks yall