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  1. ur welcome ---- 1.1 huh LMAO Remove the battery huh Talk about some clueless posts- 1st off removing the battery doesnt work on all computers... second, theres also unlock7 8 and 9 all work for different thinking somethings "old" is clueless to.....all have there relevence for certain computers and since only a few out of 100s cannot follow the link for 1.0 and want to spam emails requesting somethings thats linked I'll pass posting any other versions I have.... manufacturers will unlock non-stolen pc's Ok. To elaborate a bit.. The reason I'm asking for 1.1 of unlock6 is because the previous (linked-to) version doesn't have the option to generate an upper case ASCII code, which I'm needing to unlock a HDD on an Acer laptop. I know it also goes by the executable name of hdd_pw.exe , but 'tis the same thing. Not sure if you were "LMAO"ing at my post or not, but I have a feeling my reason for request will be the same as some of the previous ones. Cheerio and fingers crossed someone's got a copy o' unlock6 1.1!
  2. Hey. Sorry to bump this thread so late in the future. Just wondering whether anyone located a copy of unlock6 1.1? If so I would be very interested in getting a copy. Cheers.