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  1. I was going to recommend exactly this. Don't forget to change the default passwords
  2. If you have a windows mobile device you can download Bluezard (I googled it and it says its shareware...but I have mine and it doesnt cost a thing..) I've been able to get all the sms messages and addressbook contacts off a phone with it. I'll upload the cab in a bit.
  3. Ginger Beer!
  4. Hold on, going to the store to pick up an Internet for myself.
  5. Have a look at Refspoof
  6. Hmmm... go looking for a really cheap LCD monitor (or you could buy one of them expensive LCD controllers for that laptop screen you have there). From there you can remove the base of said LCD monitor, cut a hole in the table, glue the monitor in and seal it over with some glass (just so you don't uh, spill any coffee on the monitor and kill it) I'd actually do this, too.
  7. Also have a look at Vector Linux
  8. I doubt thats possiblr. and if it is you're gonna need a really good magnifying lens to see anything onscreen.
  9. Lovely. I was starting to miss the black and green
  10. If you plan on doing any wardriving with that linksys card, good luck. While my dad was driving me somehwre, and I had my laptop and card, I decided to see how many wireless networks I could find, I found.. in total around 17. With my pocket PC later on, nearly the same route, I found more than 75.
  11. ..Sniff. I hope we get fiber optic sometime. Doubt that will happen, we're still trying to sync our traffic lights
  12. You DID put some thermal paste on the bottom of the CPU heatsink right? I remember I didn't the first time building a computer and the CPU was running at 72 C. Just in case, make sure theres contact with the processor and heatsink. How many casefans do you have, and what else is in that case?
  13. Transfering files to and from school, couple of drivers, fix it utils, some music and video, portable firefox, Filezilla and more.
  14. You don't need one if you have one integrated into the motherboard. Otherwise it'll turn on but you won't get very far.
  15. Well I was focusing on the second part. Wether it's true or not, I dunno.