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  1. mine suck! ppl talk about wine and nethack. Nothing interseting.
  2. Well today I ran across some loot. And went to radio hack, home depot and nabbed some new toys. I notice that radio shack had tap connectors and some splices so I was anxious to play with it I know the name is just what is says tap. Any suggestions on new uses Nabbed some other stuff but I conseal that to myself for a future box
  3. I love it, nice man :rockon:
  4. Hey! Cr4x, When U think U have python down go and get a account on Google and play with their api's. Have fun
  5. thanxs, dual that really helps. It makes sense to know thou system before trying to go deeper into it guts Hehe......... One question thou what type of questions to ask about general operating and infrasture info would I be wanting that would be helpful in my qwest. thanxs, in advance :pirate:
  6. Looking forward to reading your files CB:)
  7. thanxs, for the info! Stealth box useful project :-, wonder what else could be added to it.
  8. Man interesting thou I'm not into ham radio educational me like:)
  9. Home Depot have them on sale this weekend for the same price and maybe a little less for tone generator:P
  10. Handy little tool. Hmm.........Good database with lots of useful info and codes thanxs, NTheory:cool:
  11. Sure thing Stank I'll downloaded the vids and help support it anyway I can
  12. Nice find!!
  13. I been studing phreaking for short time now and was interested in learning more. What is op-diverting? How can I learn more about my local phone CO and the system they use in general. I have plenty of time to study and learn whatever I need to know. thanxs in advance, phax
  14. I'm new to phreaking and I was wanting to learn more about my local CO in my area where would be a good place to start.
  15. ls -la and icon guess I will give it a try.
  16. I have tried that and it's downtown with a guard station beside dumpster the other offices that I find have a barb-wire fence around them.
  17. :grr: 314 :punk: