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  1. Time to save up the pennies
  2. graxs, screamer I never really liked the rpm. They also gave me trouble. :borg: UNIX serves it's master it's just a matter of tameing it to listen to U :borg::
  3. Seing is the way to go. I would suggest also learniing some eletronics. Hand scanning is helps to .
  4. Go with what ever peeks your interest SEing is a good start thou
  5. :help: Man, today I think I really bummed out. My SEing are not that good but I start off on the right foot I think. I tried callling up AT&T customer service thinking that I could talk them in to giving me the CN/A number for a number I had. Everything was going smooth until the lady didn't understand what was a CN/A. So I told her I, then was put on hold for a minute . Then she came back saying she can't give that info over the phone. Asking for my conformation number, so I told her my supervisor was getting it now and then ask for my employee id which I thought was a 3-digit number guess it wasn't cause she reply that's all. Until then I didn't know what a CN/A was now I know I thought it was a number to some CO. How could I SE telco ppl into giving me useful numbers. My local state providers are SWBell, Chariton Valley Telephone corp. Choctaw Telephone Co., Fidelity Communications, Green Hills Telephone Corp. , Le-Ru Telephone Company so I thought I could practice SEing with AT&T. But what are some useful numbers that I could try to gain for a customer Service rep :jawa:
  6. Nice site ic0n. Like the text files and for leading me to here.
  7. While out tonight I ran across 12 #'s that didn't even ring when dial and there was complete silence. Could anyone inform me if they have seen such #'s and maybe what are they? Silence....Huh?...don't know...keep dialing
  8. Whoa!! Talk about getting screwed by technology ppl shouldn't buy everything without checking it out first. Then again, pre-programmed digiboxes...Hum.... company may needed some cash *roll eyes and ponders*
  9. They just local numbers thanxs thou.
  10. win-infected pc bad-bad cpu cpu reboots and destroys hard-drive with windows OS. cpu sick of windows
  11. thanxs for tha link. funny stuff man!! love tha pranks, nice voice.
  12. I believe the same here
  13. maybe U could make one personally I wouldn't anything to work like $M just my 2cents‰
  14. phunny that's the site that brought me here thanxz ic0n
  15. Well I heard that ppl say to learn about the general operating info and infrasture of telco. But what would I what to know about it for example. Would I what ppl peoples names or just their position's with the company I kind of lost here Could someone get me on the right track plz!
  16. After trying to SE this info I was wondering just how many op's there are really and what info they can give me I remember last summer that I dial a 800 number and they answered command center does anyone know what this is If I remember correctly they did give me useful info with a little SE with no problem >-< I know there R different ops for different uses can anyone help me learning about the different ones
  17. U'r right the # is ani, but evertime I play with them I always got transfer to a MCI ppl that always tried to get me to changed my sevice over to theres ... Maybe it's different in your area
  18. Spite in my area it's a MCI ani like the 1-800-333-4444 I never play with them thou. I'll play around and see what I get
  19. nice grax logan! tha flash really rocks, so how long did it actually take qewl work thou man
  20. Guys, come down!!! I thought U guys would of trust me to make sure all the logging features were cut off. for tonight only. But if you're like me I would have been curious to. :jawa:
  21. what U think about a conf tonight
  22. iowa, spaz101 what's hate to be there
  23. Well today my local Home Depot had a sale today. plus I had a 50 gift card. So I pick up the tone tracer and probe both for only 50 bucks. I thought it was a great deal.. Now I'm trying to figure out what could I use this for to help me learn more about the phone sys. I remember read in a phile awhile back about how this is a handy phr33k tool. But it didn't say what it's good for or how to use it. Can any geeks here give me a jump start and using this tool. I know they R both use together but how and for what :pissright: :puke:
  24. Well, since the tools didn't cost me anything but the gift card I keep never know when they will come handy and I found big green box near the park in my house late night mission impossible task. Plus, Home Depot will only make me trade it for some other merchandise which I don't won't
  25. some friend that why I don't have many