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  1. Ooops! thought I was login
  2. I would suggest getting the tcp/ip bible, network+, and some programming langs under your belt. An binrev, and as stated above BinRev :jawa:
  3. Various wrenches, screw drivers, can wrench w/ 22 AWG stripper and 5/32 hex security insert. drill and drill bits and 2 wire strippers
  4. yea thanks, always in need of a good read
  5. yeah! How do you know this will work if you haven't builted it and tested it yourself. As dual stated Not to get off topic dual the last show :rock: man
  6. Let me know the time count me in on the fun
  7. :bday: have fun with your new toys cap'n B a great guy to have around have phun, get them phreaky girls peace
  8. If they fill charitable pay for it or do what phreaks do. :morpheus:
  9. ARU

    Reading that link is seems pretty self-explantory. I used them like ani #'s and check out different lines and dnis in different places.
  10. My first computer was a 386 *sighs* miss those days of writing 16-bit code that could be fun to play with people and local computer techs. Damn, then came 32-bit and the PE file-format. Wish you luck with knoppix
  11. Why don't we get a conf line for DDP ( like three different ones in different areas) that are wats line. Since everyone wants to conf. Hmmml............just food for your mind.
  12. Since them at local video store but never played with them. being it's by the cash registers
  13. Woot, Woot!!! binrev 3 :-P
  14. :-V Welcome
  15. Welcome to the board. LebFreak have phun share with us here and we'll do the same
  16. Well, I learn not to listen to that dude :2guns: Jolly Roger or any of his text files about boxes. Really think he pull that portable DTMF box out of his @$$. I got it to work thou now I just need a case for it and it's not portable thou... That 8-ohm speaker he spoke of doesn't have enough power to even push the tones out of it. you'll need a 45-ohm speaker and one out of a telephoney handset. I use that and a 120v to 6v transformer and plug the thing it an eletric socket and it work. The phone keypad needs at least 6v of AC power too. Now what did U learn this week...
  17. I learn that :rock: and phreaking is an art if done correctly exchanges on payphones have some nice stuff lusers only think that they are meant for garbage
  18. yea!! since M$ releases a patch about every other day why not :jawa:,128...2,59792,00.html
  19. very good read indeed never heard of it. But, it's something to think about when out phreaking thanks for the link
  20. Kewl ragweed! Try them all out. Let me just say that, SuSE, Redhat and Mandrake will have a much easier installer. Try FreeBSD, once you have it running FreeBSD will be much easier, mainly because of the wonderful ports and package system that allow you to install software. Otherwise the two systems are 90% the same to the user but FreeBSd is a total operating system unlike Linux which is just a bunck of software thrown together. If you decide to use FreeBSD make sure you read the Hanbook. Pretty much all the info you will require is there, and step by step instructions.
  21. Haha.....what a joke! Linux will never replace Unix Check it out Read story
  22. Nice, it's seems they really had there work cut out. And from some ppl reactions it's great. added security, software and hardware support. Sounds like a egrep '(girl|tits|vagina)': /etc/Jenifer_Lopez | diff ; unzip;finger;sockstat;fsck; fsck; fsck; sockstat; finger; gzip; cd -
  23. In my thoughts BSD, where the code for all the *BSD's where used to test the first implentation of IPV4. But if you really what to know Here's some Extra Links I just love the way FreeBSD way of doing things and the not having to deal with the Linux packages managers. Also as said above it's just a matter of taste and if U like the daemon tools to play with or not.
  24. Nice show!!! Can't wait for next one. Love tha soundtrack
  25. Also check local college bookstores during the school year they sometimes have books on sale since or are trying to get rid of old books that the school won't use next year for dirt cheap sometimes.