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  1. :paw: (NPA): 314 1-800-444-4444: (719)555-1212 ;it always gave (314)222-2222 before hmm.... 1-800-555-1140: (23-636)
  2. flubox is cool, blackbox is nice to just kde and gnome are to much for me. nice screenies ppl
  3. I don't use the gallery and rarely look at pics. But, trust is explicit!! :glare: and users should have access to the gallery. Stank I have free time to help with any coding needed to keep gallery open to users :paw:
  4. yeh, thanks for the info Stank
  5. More Info here CodeJam2003 1st Place $10,000 2nd Place $5,000 3rd Place $3,500 4th Place $1,250 :paw: Wander what it's going to be or what problem there having
  6. plenty of reading for anyone thanks riscphree :paw:
  7. U guess it, 4.8 -STABLE BSD Just love the BSD way of doing things hook on DAEMON
  8. makes for a neat presentation to readers. that i about voice and company sounds cool I to me if everyone is ok with it
  9. give me the P block (7501-8000) :morpheus: wouldn't miss this project for the world I do more if I have time, nice job with tha table
  10. make the partion before U put the cd in dude
  11. create a dos parition put the NETBSD-cd) and some install kernels into the same dir. Boot the kernels with If the GENERIC-install kernel doesn't work try TINY or LAPTOP Also check in bios and make sure any 'fastboot' options are off and PNP should be turned to off. Good Luck
  12. don't install the cvsup pkg it looks for input when installing. Another than that just try to install the development pkg without gui from there let me know if you have any trouble. What model is this laptop maybe it's not support.
  13. I found these while scanning last night. Santiago, Chile 56+2 821-3431 nice recording 56+2 821-7429 another recording St. Louis, Mo (314) 923-1512-16 SBC privacy mgr demo line 923-1559 SBC spanish 622-0590 loud tone 622-0591 clicks *what is this 622-0593 loud tone 622-0596 loud tone 622-0597 low tone 622-0598 silence 622-0599 loud tone wander if the silence and low tone could it be a loop
  14. nice info phreakblaze
  15. Man great work B and Icon. Your other files were great but this one tops the cake. I'm sure you'll pull another rabbit out of the hat and top this one some day.
  16. While out scanning last night I ran into 800-674-xxxx. Which no matter which number I hit in that range I got the same ole. Bling "Please enter your MCI card number now." which no matter what I hit would let me get through only to the MCI op. but the 8585 it sounds like your talking thru a tunnel when talking to the op. Weird thou.
  17. Man I hate the guy myself. Stopping info sharing for some lame reason that really sucks.
  18. It's 10pm Central here and no ones there. I missed last night in class. Hopefully someone will be on tonight.
  19. :help: I found a couple of different voicemail systems and 5 audix sys while out scanning Wats numbers. Two of the five audix systems I found some empty boxes and set one up for myself. Being trying to figure this out for a week and a half. Now I'm stumped. I remember upon entering the box I setup the greeting, newpass, administer the call type(internal/external,out of hours) and activated the greeting. Under the administer greeting menu. I been playing around with the different options and nothing seems to fix my problem. The problem is whenever I called the number and transfer to my box # it's just a continuous ring. The system never quits ringing. What could be the problem.
  20. Hey nice idea dual. I got one of those security lack jack myself and never thought of using it. Good thinking dual
  21. The template is great. BinRev is taking them by storm. Nice work layingout the site. That is the next generation peace!!
  22. Yeah, I saw that to on TechTV. I believe it's all lies, or some corp. way of trying to distort the Open Source Community. If they want ppl to use SCO they should try others ways to get ppl to use their OS besides making up lies.
  23. Well guys, here it is 1-800-430-1833 conf code 748-1923 followed by the # I'm the chairman tonight so join me guys lets have some phun Hope to see ya'll and I forgot if the chairman is not on it will place U on hold until the chairman is on so I'll be on at 10:00pm Central time let me know if UR going to be there
  24. What other features do it have, sounds like coyote linux with a different name anyway enjoy Arch
  25. ARU

    decoder seems you touch on everything. Thanks for clarifing the matter