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  1. puffy is cool and so is the BSD Beastie consider the same reason thou.Dragonfly BSD logo definitely needs some improvements
  2. Well, at work we use BIND for DNS. Thou at home i use DNS alteratives, just to see what's developing my personal choice is maradns =T
  3. Hmm..... Every intelligent-being <3 Open Source. Linux is great my favorite was slackware. Then I try NetBSD with linux emulation now that rocks. The best of both worlds '(+ portablitiy the-most) As a Matter of Fact :cry: : (((try)))(((them)))(((all)))(((till)))(((one)))(((suits)))(((your)))(((needs!))) Just remember, that the NetBSD-Guide is your friend.
  4. Given bind's soiled historical record why would that be anywhere near the only trouble free choice? Do you know of any security holes in djbdns or maradns? My dns box is only running tinydns on its external interface and ssh on its internal interface. I don't even have a caching dns server running right now, so thats one less possible DRDoS vector from my network. --ed ← I'll second that 'ed209 feverdream: maradns will only run if it's in a chroot jail and djbdns is a very trustworthy secure alternative to BIND. (or '(you one of those *bind-fanatics*) '(you have really look at *dns-alteratives*)) my-dns: runs under netbsd -current on non x86-arch for two years and still no trouble yet
  5. Hmm... I besides twm, I'll have to go with fvwm2. I rarely need all the bloat that's pack with other WM's. It's has that nice feel, that I'm comfy with
  6. my thoughts to there isn't to much difference between 3.5 and 3.6 that very noticeable to your average joe blow
  7. ...........good one man
  8. FreeBSD 4.9 OpenBSD 3.4 -current ; fresh install Windows Xp Pro and the family box
  9. I prefer a lite-weight manager blackbox all the way thinking of trying openbox but haven't had time
  10. faster lodsb replacement which takes 2 clock cycles over the 13 that lodsb take %macro flodsb 0 mov al, [esi] inc esi %endmacro fast stosb replacement which you guess 2 clock cycles also %macro fstosb 0 mov [edi], al inc edi %endmacro my version of a CRC32 algo %macro CRC32 0 movzx edx, al shr eax, 8 xor eax, [edi + 4 * edx] %endmacro Hope to see more algo's here.
  11. I know it's more asmers here Let's hear from ya'll no matter how simple post it here
  12. also try rehash
  13. Did you add the user test manaully?
  14. FreeBSD 8:04AM up 24 days, 14:45 7 users load averages: 0.01, 0.00, 0.00 OpenBSD 8:04AM up 50 days, 14:45 1 users load averages: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
  15. why don't all asm coderz in unix post some of thier algorithms that they love here in a new thread under unix.
  16. I didn't see it there either. But I agree with him thou to a certain degree *BSD user's aren't 1337 neither are *Linux users. Just because they run the OS isn't 1337 but the those that hack are. Play with whatever suits you, *BSD's just works great with my way of thinking reminds me of this luser unix not stable
  17. Hmm...beyond a shadow of a doubt I'll have to go with lynx, never used links so I can't speak on that.
  18. yeah! plz give us a heads up on this distro. ^-^
  19. Yea! It sounded funny to me from the start.
  20. Or :paw:
  21. lol hmm.... %-<|>
  22. Hey, sorry for the late comment but if you where using -stable always cp your working kernel source and tar it. update your kernel source at least every 4 days if using -stable it common for that to happen if U want use the -release works like a charm no problems. MORE INFO If using FreeBSD read it and re-read it :paw:
  23. Nice feel the freedom of windows free. I been windows free for about a year now. At first it was only a dream. I fill your pain Twirlz tried to my girlfriend to switch linux has been hell. I could use her box LOl
  24. I'm done just I have to type up the info have it to by end of week.