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  1. Me 2 CerealKiller
  2. Emacs + newsticker.el is a nice alternative to googlereader
  3. I don't see why not
  4. :voteyes: WOOT! slackware got 11 votes
  5. Hey gloomer do you truly believe they will commit to the project or is this thread dead from idol talk.
  6. your trying to make a linux distro and asking these questions! :lol: some imagnation kid Boy how often have I heard this on the forum and honestly gang how many actually committed to the project or the self appointed task. Dream on kid, let us know when we can actually test the distro or help with development of it. It's just idol talk of your big dreams in hope of fame and fortune but hackers stop dreaming long ago. they have visions and people see the result of there visions. Seriously, why time and space even mentioning something you will fail to commit to.
  7. Enough said, All master men judge men by what they are not what they seem to be; not by their reputation and their fame.
  8. The only real reason to downgrade to Linux 2.2. If your trying to learn kernel development and to understand the kernel stuff more and then upgrading as you learn on say a development box or labtop. Other than that there is not reason to do what you implied :pirate:
  9. With all the DNS choices out there. Has anyone tried MaraDNS it's as secure as djbdns but easy and very quick to setup.
  10. ipfilter is another alternative now.
  11. So what's the hold-up? You might have it done by the time your 65
  12. you could give this ebook a spin
  13. :mumble: Like what features by default that the os has that they like. Not i use this or that. NetBSD has a very slim install without all the bloat that I like. If you don't know maybe you shouldn't answer
  14. on the mac parrallels works 10 times better than vmare they are even trying to support 3d accelation in the next release.
  15. emacs shouldn't be used in general, but as an email client that's even more blasphemy. Ok, your a vi man but emacs has many great uses, no pun intended.