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  1. Hi Klaatu, Great podcasts! I've downloaded and listened to the 3 last ones, and I'll be downloading the rest soon... I need to comment this last one about the installation of Slackware on your Vaio... I think you'll convince some people to try another distribution... I don't own a laptop, and I almost always install linux on servers. I have been using linux on the desktop for about 13 years (yes, when linux was installed by floppies... many floppies ), and I couldn't believe that it was still so hard to install linux on the laptops, so I asked google. It return the following site which I highly recommend for laptop users: In this page you'll see plenty of current linux distributions with GUI installations that will detect ALL your hardware devices in vaios, and you won't need to install, much less compile any drivers. (compile drivers!!! in 2008!!! no more, please) And in the following page, you'll find that Ubuntu 7.04 will install fine on your laptop: I honestly thank you for contributing to the linux community with your great podcasts, but I think we need to focus very seriously on "ease of use" to attract new users. I think we already have wonderful GUI tools that help us, and specially new users, to start using linux. Another example I wanted you to know about: there's a great GUI tool for editing the /etc/fstab file: fwfstab, which is an open source gtk app developed by Diffingo. I found this tool a few days ago when I was trying to write a tutorial for new users on editing the fstab to use ACL. A very old feature that it's not very popular (I don't know why), that allows linux users to have the ACL type features. Windows users had them in NTFS for a long time, and I find most useful to easily allow two different users, with different group ids, complete access to a folder. Anyway, sorry for the length of the reply, and again, great podcast! Pedro.