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  1. Host - StankDawg Co Host - BlackRactchet I love these two together because they were on the first episode of binrev radio i ever listend too, they were talking about content managers for websites. I also liked wintermute (did he get busted for something??) mostly because he was on the first show of binrev radio, god i miss listening to StankDawg... edit: dammit, didnt realise SD was back on the show... just goes to show how often i listen in
  2. Let me haul my directional antenna over near you and I can promist that I'll hit you from farther away then where you think your signal ends. heck, you couldnt get mine, its wide open but we live in a gated community so phat chance at getting at mine.
  3. Crate amp for only $122!!! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! a hacker and phreaker paradise for tools and equipment!!
  4. i tried pinging the USCERT site but no reply, go figure....
  5. i would save it, then i would look on a price guide to see if it had any collector value and then sell it on eBay if it did.
  6. sometimes people photoshop images so they look like crap, take for example, one picture of hilary clintons head being put on the body of a baby monkey that i saw on a GOP site, im not gonna tell anyone where to get this unless they pm me.
  7. this isnt a sure fire way to detect photoshopped images, cause someone could take two pictures of the same thing and put them in the picture then.