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  1. ....your my new idol......
  2. If you do have access to a "scanning electron microscope" (whatever that is), you could always do a comparison between the results of scanning a normal USB stick, and the ironkey.
  3. You could look at some of the Thinkpads, they have some of the touch screen ones.
  4. hah, your very lucky because i'm giving you a chance.... and women approach me 6 or 7 times a week! lol, hopefully i'll never be like him!
  5. Hi, I just wanted to say a bit about a forum I frequently use, entitled Deadly-Hackers.org. DH is a very sociable, fun (yet serious), intelligent and most of all interesting hacking forum. DH is run by the semi-famous hacker "Evilthoutz", and has the best set of mods ive ever seen there. All of the members are commited to make your time there more pleasant/enjoyable. Check it out, you can learn, socialise (using their great IRC and teamspeak), and have fun! If your interested in seeing the variety of different forums, be sure to check them all out! Check out Deadly-Hackers.org. Thank you, Poetic-Justice
  6. Thats a bit harsh.... While some aspects of site were bad, and there certainly was a "cracker" smell to it, it was a good try. Do you think Binrev was perfect when it was first created? I doubt it... It was a good try, and even if the site didn't last, it certainly did attain some very nice members. Can we just let this thread die please? Nothing intelligent is coming out of it anymore.
  7. My old old school had the word "hacker" blocked... sucks huh?
  8. Runescape has clan chat!
  9. Wow, you look really clever when you x8 on your face. Which cards are they? I cant make them out. lol

  10. Information should be free, not some guys $1000 laptop he paid out of the ass for.
  11. You could always ask Bruce Schneider? If your having trouble contacting you can just type his name in your shell prompt, or cmd if your using windows. If thats too hard you could always just phone him... cant be many 200 digit primes out there?
  12. You should really put this in the links section, but heh, im not one to speak. It doesnt really look that bad, but like King of ping has said to me, if your starting a forum, you should open up the forums for people to view, without having to create a new membership. You'll most likely get more members that way in the long run, if there is decent content on your forums. Good luck with it anyway! It should be fun! ps. why did you call it "scorpia" hack clan? Just out of curiosity?
  13. Yer, its been taken down for some reason. When I get a chance i'll ask Evil, but im not sure why really?
  14. Good site! Thanks, you might also be interested in: http://www.ikalogic.com/beg_1_res_v_c.php http://www.tech-faq.com/pci.shtml (pick something to read about it) Thanks for the link!
  15. lmao, so what this time... "evil gamer games into top secret government computer!" or maybe: "Your kid could be a gamer! If he is seen accessing any websites such as "miniclip.com" (an evil, malicious gamer site), you should take the proper precautions... a.k.a. SHOOT THE KID!"
  16. The book Blackout has a story about a boy cutting off the power... 5 or so times... while living in a cave... so that he can say "help". It's a scary notion that people who do have malicious incentives could do that though.
  17. Hmm, dont shoot me, but I think it will be quite exciting, (while technically illiterate), but with that aside it looks quite good really. Now I've got to watch wargames again, I haven't seen it for ages! edit: Well the cover seems a bit wierd though? It had nothing to do with cars... wait, whats that building between them?
  18. Could you tell us a bit about what size (small/widescreen) you want, how much your willing to spend, etc... At the moment i'm just thinking of huge lists of Vaio/ tough-book/ alienware computers. They all do what you want
  19. Hey, I guess i've been convinced into using Linux. Im currently just using a boot-up version of KNOPPIX, but when I get time, im going to download Debian and install that. I was just pondering a few questions... 1) Im using a Belkin wireless adaptor for our wireless internet, I have to use their wireless client at the moment, (i've never gotten it to work using the standard windows one), would I be able to use the Belkin wireless adapter with Linux? Would I have to save up for another adaptor? 2) Can you run executables just like in windows? Would you be seriously more limited as to what you can run? Im not doubting Linux, im just curious. 3) Does anyone know a good C/C++ compiler or a Forth compiler which I could use with it, or does Debian already have all of that in it? Im using Dev-C++ at the moment, but apparently its just for windows, so ill have to use something else when I install Debian. I know that KNOPPIX has lots of stuff in it, but id just like to double check. I thought it would be better to ask all of that in one thread, rather that 3 different ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks anyway, Poetic-Justice
  20. you could mention/add some of the funny video's found: here here here and here! Just some of the funny video's i've seen.
  21. There was an article on Wired saying...: ...so you guys could be out of luck!
  22. thenakedscientists.com/forum/ has an extensive range of mathematical symbols at you disposal. They're powered by SMF or something. Sorry if something isn't quite right, I'm writing this in a hurry.
  23. There are quite a few tutorials/help pages that could help you set up a proxy server, but for what you need it, I wouldnt really bother. You could just find a nice reliable proxy without the "proxy" in the URL, and its unlikely to get banned at your school unless other people start using. You could make a website on a free-hostingservice, and the use one of the two scripts here. Good luck anyway!
  24. hmm, I love cake...