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  1. How is Caldera different than a dual-boot system with any other distro? I haven't heard anything about Caldera in years.
  2. I used the quote button here, but the text just come out with
  3. Does doing an ipconfig /renew have any effect?
  4. My girlfriend has an IED
  5. How did that work? Were you driving wicked slowly? I mean wouldn't you drive out of range too quickly to change anything? This game intrigues me so I'm trying to find details so I can play.
  6. BTW... srsly != acronym
  7. If you had a computer in between. Otherwise you'd need a NAS (Network attached storage) enclosure or something like that. See something like these: http://www.buy.com/cat/network_storage/10995.html
  8. Networking in Windows has always been puzzling and hard to remedy. Have you tried pinging between the two? Are the IPs set right? Subnets?
  9. That is a pet peeve of mine as well. More on topic I think this is more of a novelty/proof of concept thing than anything.
  10. I'm sure you could hack up something with batteries since the power in to the laptop is already DC. What are the voltage and current requirements?
  11. I think you should make it "straight to hell" because that rhymes better with Pac Bell.
  12. Sweet...are you northern or southern NH? ← Southern.
  13. That's a pretty leet idea. Though I don't know if I want to be getting a magnet anywhere near my sensitive date.
  14. Hey. I'm 603! Hello fellow 603'er. I'm happy to find someone here from NH.
  15. The theatres around here don't publish their phone number. It's weird but I guess it would be annoying to have people calling nonstop about when a movie starts. ← I think rbcp knows a bit about that