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  1. I contribute to Fedora Project by maintaining packages in my free time. 2 cents for my favourite operating system (using it more than 4 years).
  2. Thanks, How did you find out the password? Cracked it? Is it good to work with zimbra?
  3. Hi, I am working on a migration from MS Exchange to GNU/Linux based email system. I need the contents of mailboxes to be migrated from exchange to postfix. What are the tools that could be used? Some tips on email server migration could also be helpfull. Thanks.
  4. "Reports of the death of K T Ligesh, 32, come in the wake of the exploitation of a critical vulnerability in HyperVM, a virtualization application made by LXLabs, to wipe out data on 100,000 sites hosted by the UK web hosting firm VAserv." Its spooky
  5. If you can't find it there, contact the manufacturer and ask them. I am trying to do authentication with SSK key instead of using a password..I know the password of my router oops i misunderstood ssh key authentication, i need to copy my clients public key to the modem is it possible? ( )
  6. I have an ADSL broadband modem/router which supports administration using ssh connection, i need to find out the ssh key of that device so that i can autologin using some bash script and do some fancy stuff..How can i do that, sadly the router is showing me some menu oriented interface not a shell .. any clues?, currently i am using a tool called "expect" to automate the login process
  7. yes, getting a pci nic is very cheap it comes around 250rs (5$) .. i will do that , thanks for the suggestions
  8. i have an old desktop machine, which has intel 845GVSR motherboard with onboard LAN, I dual boot the machine (debian and windoze), while booting debian it clearly says "eeprom corrupted" and i am not able to connect the LAN from both in debian and windows.... what should i do?, updating bios will work?
  9. I have added exactly the same rule as you said, but still cannot access apache which is listening on port 8080.. when connecting from LAN to DMZ it works but WAN to DMZ the connection is refused the firewall appliance is SonicWALL PRO 5060 edit: did it .First i added a "access rule" to open the port Second added NAT rules in the firewall Thats it
  10. We have a webserver in dmz zone, the firewall appliance is sonciwall.Earlier the webserver got only iis in it and it used port 80 and is accessible from world wide web, recently we installed wamp in it and started apache in port 8080, we have a drupal based website hosted in apache. The website in apache is accessible from local network(private), but cant get it from world wide web, port scanning says port 8080 is not open. Where should i open the port firewall or router (port forwarding) ?
  11. why wasting time with tweaking some crap with windows..use linux
  12. Hi, I have written an udev rule, so that it connects me to the internet when i plug-in my mobile device... Here is the rule: KERNEL=="ttyACM0",SUBSYSTEM=="tty",ATTRS{manufacturer}=="Nokia",ATTRS{product}=="Nokia 3110c",RUN+="/usr/bin/wvdial" Here is my whole blog post on writing udev rules. If you have writtern any udev rules please mention them here........
  13. I Know Him through the internet

    yeah i like him!!

  14. yeah, now i disabled ssh on the interface which helps me connecting the internet.... (changes the listenaddress on /etc/ssh/sshd_config) will it work? Yes you can bind your ssh server to a specific interfaces. From the statement above it would suggest you have bound the service to the internal interfaces only. This is fine providing it does not need to be accessed from the internet. Is this server plugged directly into the internet or is it behind a nat device such as a firewall/router? The reason I ask is that if it is behind a nat device and it does not need to be accessed from the internet then I would also not forward this traffic to the server in the first place. If your server is plugged directly into the internet I would review your firewall rulebase for this service and others to ensure it is tied down as much as possible. Well its directly connected to the internet...the sad part is that i have plenty of services running for ltsp terminal services (nfs,dhcp,tftp)...and i have disabled firewall (iptables)...... I am thinking of re enabling it and configure it properly
  15. yeah, now i disabled ssh on the interface which helps me connecting the internet.... (changes the listenaddress on /etc/ssh/sshd_config) will it work?