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    I like to play with knives, oh and guns. Who ever designated big guns as being a mans' play thing, has never met me. My favorite gun is the .50 calibur sniper rifle, as popularized by the movie "Smoking Aces". Okay, I never played with them, but I like them.<br /><br />To balance my masculine image... I love to go shopping. I can spend hours trying on clothes and shoes. I like to visit Best Buy, even when I don't have the money to buy anything.<br /><br />I love video games aswell. I resect the new games as well as the old. My favorite games are role playing and I usually like them more when I can forget about the real world when playing them. Any game that I play, I use cheats... without beating the game first. I know this is taboo, but if your smart and are able to do it, I find that becomes a taboo within itself.
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    I'm sure the moderators know...

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  1. Actually, I think this is fake. There can't be a gurl on the interents that likes the stuff she likes. It's too surreal.

  2. Your personal statement was so prophetic, seriously. Where'd you go??

  3. Whoah O_O who have you ticked off? O_o

  4. It is my opinion that you are an ignorant, self-indulgent, paranoid person with false notions of the hacker community and next to zero knowledge of English.

  5. What's the point of installing more than one anti-virus/firewall/whatever? No, because the point is not to install more than one of them. Are those serious questions? The answer is so painfully obvious: no, they would not work faster. After reading a bunch of your posts I come to a conclusion that you don't know anything about the subjects you're discussing and are trying to hide that by using tech-savvy sounding words. It doesn't work, and it makes you look like a fool. Stop it. I didn't say I was an expert. I'm a nubie, that's why I'm here in Nubie HQ. I learn most of the words from Diggnation, and The Broken. Does this mean I'm not suppose to use them? That's rhetorical... If you don't want to answer, fine... I'll leave... *I'm beginning to see why most of the people that introduce themselves in the forum don't stay long....
  6. When I veiw an Security program, I think of it being like a tree with its roots into everything. Probably a bad example, but what I'm saying is that Anti-Virus programs like to be the only security program on the computer and when you have two or more, they need to be configured so they don't error or interfere with each other. I was wondering if there was any programs that help manage these types of software. I mean in a way that it overlaps the programs, but you don't have to configure them to work together.. Example... They don't touch or interact with each other and are designed in a way to where the ports go through each security program. Would this type of configuration make the programs less effective? Would they work faster?
  7. Sorry... I'm trying to log IP addresses, in a PHPBB Forum, through an image. I want to see the IP addresses of people that are "flaming" me in other forums. I'm trying to do this as a simple user of the forum, versus as a moderator who can run a program to see what each users IP is. How did I do? More questions?
  8. Is that you in the picture? Why are you holding up so many credit cards? Those aren't all your credit cards, are they? OMG, your an identity theif!! J/K :)

  9. I guess you can't really cut corners, can you... I'll put the code somewhere on the web. Are there any online clients I can use already or should I code this myself? It seems like a simple code, although if I use the help of someone that has perfected the code, it might be more stable for different situations. I just want regular computer users with no common sense... that's probably me right now. Sorry to bother you with all this... WhatChout. I think I should keep the code basic. If I do have a fancy code that's designed to see IP addresses, even from people who try to hide them, then I would risk calling attention to myself from more experienced hackers. The whole idea is to tell the person I know where they live. If I tell a hacker I have there IP, when they have set parameters to hide there address, then I think they would be more inclined to pay attention to me... which I don't need.
  10. Nonsense. That's the most opaque logic I have seen this month. Hmm, your right. I'm not dealing with hackers that look for hidden things. I'm dealing with people who look for the opposite. Well, how about I route it to an email address and set the email up in a way that over-writes the old data when the inbox is full.
  11. Which only shows that they're idiots. I have no idea what that has to do with logging someone's IP. You could just set up a web server to host the image signature and then just check the IPs in the log files. Well, I didn't want to go though the trouble of making a website and applying a password so other people can't see my lists. I just wanted an ftp location I could download it from. It would be a lot harder to find... Also, the servers where I want to log the addresses are more public. I thought it would be less obvious if I just put it in the open, rather then trying to hide the fact that I'm doing it.
  12. I'm sorry if this topic is located somewhere else... On Myspace, I'm using a client to log IP addresses. However, there are some PHPBB forums in otherwebsites, that really need this attention. Truth be told, I like to know there IP address and where they are located. Then when they find out that I know, they usually back off with the harrassments. I want to design a signature that is discrete, but will allow me to obtain there IP upon request. Perhaps a downloadable text file, that is constantly renewed in set intervals. When the text file reaches so many entries, it deletes the oldest one and pastes over top of it. Time to make this tricky... I'm "testing the waters" so to speak with an .ASPX file that displays the visitors IP address. So far, no moderators are complaining. I just need to update the signature picture with the code I want.
  13. Hello, I'm new to the forum. Although I can't post code from my head, I'm not particularly new to the hacker scene. I know a small share of HTML and other code, such as hexidecimal, but I haven't really applied it to hacking. I usually use hex to manipulate save game files for the NES and SNES. I'm looking forward to learning what I can, and I'll try not to apply my past knowledge to that of a professional. Thank you!!
  14. This is a test comment to see what the format looks like when someone actually leaves a comment. Please disregard this. Thank you