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  • Interests I like to play with knives, oh and guns. Who ever designated big guns as being a mans' play thing, has never met me. My favorite gun is the .50 calibur sniper rifle, as popularized by the movie "Smoking Aces". Okay, I never played with them, but I like them.<br /><br />To balance my masculine image... I love to go shopping. I can spend hours trying on clothes and shoes. I like to visit Best Buy, even when I don't have the money to buy anything.<br /><br />I love video games aswell. I resect the new games as well as the old. My favorite games are role playing and I usually like them more when I can forget about the real world when playing them. Any game that I play, I use cheats... without beating the game first. I know this is taboo, but if your smart and are able to do it, I find that becomes a taboo within itself.
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