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  1. Well... that's true that authorized service can remove passwords from non-stolen laptops, but: - you have to have a proof of purchase (which you don't have when buying "second hand" laptop via i.e. eBay), - you have to pay for this quite a lot of money (as I remember 100€, which in my country, is more than a minimal salary for a week of work), often more than 1/3 or even 1/2 of laptop's total worth, - many used laptops on eBay are after-leased laptops from some companies, often imported by the trader from different countries, they event don't know that there's a BIOS password, and there's no way to find the previous owner or give laptop back (the trader would say that it was you who put the password, and he won't accept return), - other problem is that you don't know that you have a HDD password protection in BIOS active until you try to put other disk to your laptop (an it will become locked) and then put it back to another computer, or until you won't try to put your's (locked) HDD into other laptop or PC, - the true thief alway have this kind of programs and doesn't need to ask for it, there even exist almost official unauthorized services, which offer removing passwords from laptops and HDDs, without any proofs of purchase, and for lower prices. As to "old"... both are called unlock6.exe, but have different release dates (1997 and 2003) so one is old and one is new, isn't it?
  2. Generally speaking this is a master password generator for Phoenix BIOS used in many laptops, including Dell, HP and Acer. I've got the old version and I'm searching for a newer one. I know that there are other, let's say hardware methods, but this one is the quickest one and most elegant solution, leaving no marks at all. I'm sure that both Acer and HP are using exactly same program and that authorized services of both these brands have access to this program.
  3. Can anyone support me with HP's utility called unlock6 v1.1 from 2003 and master pw calc for new Dell laptops (service tag ending with -595B). I'm seariching it for a few days with no result. I've only found old unlock6 v1.0 and MasterPW for old Lattidudes... I know that new unlock6 is also available for Acer technicians as hdd_pw.exe (while old one as bios_pw.exe). Thanks in advance for your help!