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  1. Duper, very cool man! thanks!
  2. bump... anyone?
  3. how about not using DHCP at all.. if you guess the networks ip range which should be pretty simple just give yourself a static IP address. This way your computer will not apear in the dhcp list. well yes but it would appear in the rotuer's static ip page, the key here is to not make your node show up on any of the router's admin pages and perhaps not even on the ping sweep by getting your computer to drop the icmp packets or something like that. anyone knows how to do it? i'm not sure what the router static ip page is.. its probably an arp cache.. the way to clear it out could be to arp flood.. generate fake arp replies until the "page" is cleared. As for the ping sweep, you just need a firewall software that has stealth mode.. which basically ignores all icmp and other requests.
  4. how about not using DHCP at all.. if you guess the networks ip range which should be pretty simple just give yourself a static IP address. This way your computer will not apear in the dhcp list.
  5. If i were paranoid and I'm not, even though i have a prepaid cell phone with a phone number that i don't even know, i would be sure not to use the same open hotspot more than once. The only weakness i see is connection to a "trusted server" on the network.. i don't think there is such a thing... hmmm, i guess i am paranoid after all.. depending on what you want to do perhaps a prepaid phone with data plan could be tethered to a computer.. then you would just have to worry about the cell phone company's giving away your location..
  6. Thats why i bought the n800 it was only $250 at the time when the n810 was first released. The main differences are the n810 has a keyboard, GPS and a slightly faster processor. check out this link for more info on the differences : http://beans.seartipy.com/2007/10/19/n800-...ing-nokia-n810/
  7. Yes, and yes. FUQ thats awesome. what are the options far as providers if i want obtain blocked caller id, BTN or ANI? I would even be happy with a Toll Free number assinged to a simple voicemail box, as long as i could get the CLID,ani or BTN on blocked calls in near real time... a 1 hour lag would be fine.
  8. I have a nokia n800 but i haven't played around with the bluetooth.. its a pretty fun device.. I only wish it had USB host cablibities and a built in keyboard.. other than that its a fun device... if you get a nokia n700, n800 or n810 be sure to check out irongeeks site he has a a couple of cool tutorials for it.
  9. an exit node would totally know. If the destination address was encrypted than the routers past the exit node wouldn't know what to do with them.
  10. nice, thanks man. To bad its DC Just kidding i'll put my anti-DC sentiments to the side... for now.
  11. Hey Ed, i was looking through some of the pages of the first volume and have a quick question. Is the graphic novel spoused be based on kevin mitnick? I noticed some similarities.. Never mind: I read another thread on the first book where you stated it was a compilation of a few people.
  12. I didn't want to hijack Ed Piskor's thread.. His comic wizzy looks very cool. I'll going to look into picking up a copy. It also got me thinking, are there are other hacker comics out there? if you know of one please post it.
  13. Hello all, Basically i want to send someone an email with a link, have them click the url, they should be redirected to whatever webpage that might interest them but i want their IP address. I know web bugs might be more discreet but i have a feeling this could be useful too. So anyone know of a url redirect service similar to tinyurl but where they will allow you to access a list of all the IP addresses that accessed the url? Plan B I guess would be to setup my own site somewhere and then just grab the logs directly from the web server.
  14. I second that. I own this bible of a book. It's cheaper and much more resourceful than what you'll find elsewhere in the printed book world. I third this.. I think you want just the first volume though. Its very hands on with lots of examples you can see with tcpdump. I would also recommend The TCP/IP Guide from No starch press as a reference. And lastly a wireshark book, i thought Wireshark & Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer Toolkit by Jay Beale was ok.. I also have Practical Packet Analysis: Using Wireshark to Solve Real-World Network Problems by Chris Sanders which i haven't cracked open yet. It seems pretty thin though.
  15. These lifting devices are used mostly for systems with digital or otherwise proprietary PBXes. Still these devices are sucky. For popular pbx brands you can usually get a better solution, a headset and controller box that can cause the phone to go into headset mode.. But i guess if you have some obscure key system you may not have a choice if you want a wireless headset.