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  1. Well thx for the advice but that might not be what I'm looking for. They connect through an aircard (which connects to the cellphone network and uses dynamic ip's provide by the telcompany operating that network) so to find out who connected with what ip etc. would take a really long amount of time and legal issues since we would need some judge to order the telcompany to give out their logs of the ip's given to that particular range of aircard numbers. About the personal mail stuff, the laptops were initialised with a corporate image of XP professional with security set pretty tight so private surfing is blocked. However it seems that by looking at the bills from the telcompagny there's no way all of them could have generated that much bandwith usage from just syncing to the corporate server and using the corporate apps. Besides that's what they all signed the agreement for, NO personal use whatsoever is allowed (since the laptops are used to connect and maintain pretty expensive hardware and confidential stuff is residing on it (like financial transactions and stuff from our clients)). Somehow some of the techs have found a way to override the security on the laptops and finding out who did it is a top priority now. Thx anyway any more suggestions are more than welcome. Greetz
  2. This decision has allready been made by the bosses, they want to take action and fire those responsible for it. They have given me the task to catch the ones and provide the necessary proof. So the monitoring tool was the only thing I could think of.
  3. Well since this would bring me towards illegal exploits and such I'm just gonna drop the idea of using this method of distributing across the corp network. But oh well it was fun to try ...
  4. Ok well I did some simple testing and it seems you can call a hidden.exe from within the file it was hidden behind. Now what has me bothered is that when executing the hidden file even though I set the properties to the Shell function for it to hidden and without focus, it still comes up. Anyone know how I should adjust my code for it? Oh and to be able to make it work I had to set the Macro security to Low, would there be a way around this since most people have macro security set to high it would be useless to implement this in a working environment as the code just gets completely ignored ... here's what I'm using (for now anyway) Sub Run(ByVal sFile) Dim Run Run = shell("cmd /c start .\file.pps:app.exe", vbHide) End Sub
  5. Hi all, First let me try to explain the situation a bit. I work for a company that has 60 + technicians on the road as a supervisor. They have all been provided with laptops (with an aircard) so they can sync to the company server to get work orders and such. They usually sync once or twice a day (either in the morning or in the evening to get their work orders). When hired they all signed an agreement that prohibited them from using the laptops and the aircards for personal use. And included was an agreement that they would be monitored and such (just company policy I guess). Up until now we never monitored anybody since we never had any problems with abuse before but the last few weeks we have noticed that some of them have been misusing their laptop and/or aircard. We noticed usage of the bandwith went up with over 300% in only a week or two and is still rising although not as fast now. After some inspection by the IT department they are not able to tell who and where they do it, it seems some of them have overridden security policies and such. Now my boss gave me the job to 'catch' the bad guys. I was thinking about a monitoring tool to install on all those machines but my concern is how would I go and install that on all of them. Most of them are in remote areas and I don't have physical access to the machines. I do however have all rights on the servers they connect to. But offcourse the installation of the tool would need to be silent and completely stealthed. Since bluntly installing monitoring with their knowledge would stop the abuse immediately and they would never get caught for the abuse they did. Any ideas? any opinions? Thx in advance, Greetz
  6. running communications over usb is a big no no in my experience, those machines all have a nic onboard (afaik) why not use a cheap 8 port switch and get a stable 100mb connection to all machines?
  7. Yes, that's not what I was wondering how to script it, I was just wondering if it would work since the pps would be running and in use, so that the scriptcommand to run the embedded exe would error because of the file being in use.
  8. Hi all, first post here. Been looking into hacking/coding/etc. for a long while and have learned a thing or two along the way. All I do it for is to learn new things and implement what I've learned in my job (IT). Now I have been thinking about something lately, here goes : Take a standard selfplaying pps file, using Alternate datastreams combine an executable to the file. But inside the pps you'd have implemented some small code bit that actually refers to the alternate data stream (the exe) and run it. So this way when just playing the pps it would also run the exe embedded in it. My guess is it would not work since the pps would be in use and the command would simply not run. Any opinions?