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  1. Very cool thread. I know I saw some threads before but the search button wasn't being my friend. Those radioshack frequency scanner that they're talking about, can someone give me a link to the item on radioshack so I have an idea of what they are? It seems quite simple to make a pager go off. I mean, all you would need would be to record the incoming frequency that sets off a pager. Then just play it back to make it go off again right? These pagers don't send any information back right? I'm under the impression it's a one-way type deal and there's no handshaking involved. I was also thinking that one could create a brute force device that sends out every combination of the 7-digit sequence of numbers that identifies the pager to make them eventually all go off. I'm not sure how long it would take (10,000,000 combinations). I know that a 7 digit password can be bruteforced in no time at all with jack the ripper.
  2. Interesting manual I found:
  3. Yeah, those are some options. What type of software/hardware is out there to intercept such signals and make sense of them? I guess buying the base station and a receiver would be a good way to test some stuff out. I wonder if each base station has its own key when it sends out broadcasts. I would imagine so because you couldn't have two restaurants in close proximity because they'd go apeshit. BUT, if this weren't the case, you could just buy a used base station and go to town.
  4. I have been very interested for a while on how these restaurant pagers, like the kind you see at Red Lobster or Chili's, work. I don't know anything about pagers or what frequencies they use, but it would be awesome to know. Can anyone shed any light on this? To be able to create a device that can replicate the signal that is sent out to the pagers would be pricessless. Could you imagine the chaos it would create if everyone got up at the same time on a busy day?!