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  1. ok, everytime i open a folder or like control pannel after i close it it says send error of course i send it than my computer blanks out for like 10 seconds so what do i do it bothering me so bad becuase i cant do the stuff i want to do soplease help me
  2. its like you have to complete chanllege and stuff like that can i have the website please
  3. i heard of dvd cloner 5 but i want somethinf for free but do you know anything else that allows me to burn dvds like rent them go home then burn them than take them back
  4. everytime i close a folder or file this DEP pops-up and when i say close this maessage it goes to send or dont send i put send than once i do that my computer blanks out than it goes back to normal but iam tired of it everything i do it comes up i scaned m computer no virus i change to setting to what you guys have told me and noting happens what do i do
  5. i want to play a joke and hack my frinds account for a little while i need to get him back help me????? lol
  6. my neighoor always has it on but it has this security and i think its says WEP and there is anyway you guys can like hack or what????
  7. i want to know so that i can be better at this
  8. I'am 16 years old and i really like computers and i want to start hacking and all that good stuff. I dont know if you guys can teach me or what. My main goal is to be a hacker and be smart at computers also hack my friends account in runescape.
  9. So Nod32 is better they have it at my school so i dont know. I have Norton amd it slow down my computer so i i want to go to with nod but i dont know if it runs smooth!