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  1. The book has at long last come in and I love it already. I'm stealing the first paragraph as my sig.
  2. You are correct! I apologize for the mistake...
  3. It should still be there... It's loaded up for me. EDIT: I see it's down...
  4. Quick Update: Booted into emergency linux but ran into issues installing it. So I spent some time exploring the FS and netcatting/ftping out lots of stuff, like folder listings, /proc and /etc, and so on.
  5. No one seems to have any info on my phone, the Qualcomm QCP1960, either.
  6. I'm working with some members on the PHLAK board to eventually port the PHLAK live CD over to the Power PC architecture.
  7. Hitting up ebay now, along with every asterisk-for-noob file I can find...
  8. Would a 700 MHz / 64 Mb RAM be able to handle asterisk? What if I could upgrade to 128 Mb? I'm thinking of the possiblity that my XBox could be used for such a task.
  9. And now featuring a video... check the video section if you are interested. I got the power LED working and succesfully formatted the jump drive with the FATX filesystem. I think one of the things I want to come out of this project is a journal with my random (and not-so-random) notes along the way. I want to try and put up a decent site tonight... EDIT: I have a basic site up and running, more will be added as I spend more time polishing it and of course as I continue hacking the XBox.
  10. That is exactly what should be happening, but unfortunately you have been cursed with Windows XP. Try checking out some of the other posts on telnet.
  11. Unfortunately that's harder with the video software I’ve got. Guess if I can get a license to VMWare I could pull it off. ← VMware is good stuff.
  12. Yes, and this 2600 MHz tone resonates with the focal length of the inner ear, causing a quantum fluctuation in the nerve impulse system. Effectively, this triggers synaptic nodal overflows, in short, a brain disruptor. KIDS DO NOT BLOW THIS WHISTLE OVER THE PHONE! IT IS DEADLY!
  13. I have a webspace area that I'll eventually put a pretty face on but for now you all can see the pics I have so far in all their 2048x1536 glory. The XBox Stashbox Project
  14. Voted.
  15. I did make a flub: usually when I buy LEDs, I buy the ones with the built-in resistors. Well, I didn't this time, buying instead a pack of 20 assorted LEDs from Radio Shack. I forgot to attach a resistor and hooked into my AT power supply that I use to test parts before hooking them up. Long story short, I blew up two little red guys in my noobishness. I still can't believe I did that... :grr: :yell: :umph: :pissed: