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  1. yeah that is my mistake and i wonder now how i got that wrong....

    one think about your ffmpeg version though is that i don't see in the list of all those options that x11 grab is enabled. you may need to recompile is with that enabled...i'm not positive.

    anyway, i'm correcting the post now...


  2. Thanks for eloquently saying in one paragraph exactly what it took me to say in five paragraphs... in fact, can i repost your comment as a blog entry?? That is EXACTLY what I think. And I quote:"If little Jimmy pirates photoshop when he's young he'll grow up with the skills to use photoshop and work for a company that will have to buy legit copies. When companies change what software they consider "industry standard" then i think regular users will start to change as well"


  3. Thanks for the comment.No problem. Linux is, as I'm sure you know, ridiculously powerful...it just sometimes takes either learning a new application or set of applications to get the job done, a shift in how you're looking at how to accomplish something, or just knowing what and who to ask about something.Being on day 12 of using Linux is kind of a wonderful and horrible place to be but we were all there once (or twice). Good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions if you need help. I think one thing to do, and probably this has been said before about Linux and other things, is to forget what you know about computing already. I find still that the more I do that, the quicker I pick up new tricks in Linux.And good choice to listen to "Going Linux". That show is essentially the new "Linux Reality"; a great show about really practical things. It's really a helpful show and I highly recommend it to anyone learning or using Linux.


  4. I like Poe, I didn't know there was a move for Fall of the House of Usher. I'll have to check it out.

    Strangely, I have no memory of seeing this movie. But apparently I watched it in class. But since the class was early, early in the morning, I probably watched without perceiving ... which could mean any number of dark, paranoid subliminal messages were implanted in my brain.


  5. Pedro-Thanks for the comment. Yeah, this post is pretty frightening, but actually it's an old, old post from my old wiki (now dead due to bad hosting). So this post was actually my very first install of Linux ever, and all things considered, it went well. I just think this contains good info on how linux works, so I keep the post around.I'm gonna re-do my Sony. Dual boot between Slackware and Fedora 9 (KDE 4 version), and I think I'll be happy. I imagine my Slackware install will be much smoother now that I've learned so much about Linux.Ubuntu works great on this Sony, as does Mandriva, and Knoppix, and....well pretty much everything I've thrown at it. I think it's the Centrino system; Intel has Linux drivers so everything works out of the box.Yep. Oh and thanks for listening to my podcast!