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  1. Did you even read my question? I didn't ask for a simple SSH tutorial. I wanted one that ALSO incorporated basic shell commands such as "cd" or "ls". I thought you would have got that from: You couldn't understand that? You're joking right?
  2. Hi guys I am looking for a tutorial that covers not only the basics of SSH, but also has some kind of Unix shell command directory training too? I have tried googling for both but seem to get one or the other and it's really not helping me. Am I going about this the wrong way, should I be reading one then the other? Any suggested reading would be greatly appreciated. SshBlack
  3. Couldn't agree more.... I see that Chaostic mentioned a better signal reception, but is there anything else that would make me want to spend my hard -earned cash on one of these things or is this just something I can ignore?
  4. Let's remember that your choice of phone should be really about what you intend to do with it. I have an 8800 BB and an iPhone and think the both have strong and weak points. From a hacking perspective I prefer the Blackberry because Apple are not keen on people playing with the OS and therefore make it quite tough to get in to. I believe the term for hacking an iPhone is "jail-breaking" but have heard many horror stories of O2 (UK network carrier) blocking and bricking phones using this software. For any apps you might use on your iPhone, Blackberry is never far behind with their own version, so I would perosnally stick with the BB. But, as I said, it's all down to what you really want out of your phone. Sshblack.
  5. I have alwayd found AVG to be sound and secure, if not a little slow during scanning times. (I always let mine run late at night.) For spyware I thoroughly recommend Spybot Search and Destroy. Both of them should keep you covered.
  6. So you want to make something "real" and continue to use the word "reality" but push things to happen? Usually I'm quite diplomatic but to me this sounds like horse shit which is going to do nothing for the individual, team or movement. If you do ever get this thing off the ground I cannot forsee any authentcity from the characters or the show, which is what you were aiming for in the first place. Your version of "real" is laughable.
  7. Yes that was the site I just didn't want to look like I was advertising. Funny enough it was the guy who runs the site who brought this to my attention and we are both looking for a solution. We have both tried several different computers. Any other ideas than don't use firefox?
  8. Ok here's a strange one. Using firefox to comment on a website I am part of (won't mention site address) I have encountered a problem. When I press the post button to add a comment on the forum, firefox takes me to a new blank page with: "BoldItalicLinkBlockquote" written at the top, the words are a hyperlink back to the comment section. With IE there appears to be no issue at all. Should anyone need a really detailled description of this problem it can be found here: Has anyone any idea what "BoldItalicLinkBlockquote" is as google seems to have no answers. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Here is an image of the problem
  9. Again, I'm not sure you've quite understood. What they are doing is not really hacking. It's just idiots and criminals who know how to use a computer. They are exactly the reason we have such a bad reputation. No-one is offended by your knowledge, so don't worry. We are all learning here, but it is what you are learning and WHY you're learning that's important. If you just want to know how to script and hack so that you can impress your friends on torrent sites then you have the wrong idea. People here will certainly not teach you anything to do with site cracking for malicious purposes. Think carefully about what you really want. Then you'll have clearer goals and will be able to ask more specific questions. Good luck anyway buddy, I hope your here for the right reasons.
  10. His company is part of a larger parent company and they have to check the legal mumbo jumbo because it's do with mortgages etc so it has be checked and approved. I'm so confused what this email meant!
  11. I have designed a website for my father's small business and was about to upload it to the host, I think it's host papa if I remember. On friday we received an email from my father's company legal department saying that the website needed to be checked over before it went live. I agreed this would be a good idea to check over the site for any problems. The email asked us to send us a link to the website, which has confused me somewhat. How can I send them a link before the website goes live? Is there a way of inspecting a whole website before it goes live? I have suggested sending all the files over (all the html, pics, folders etc) but they said they just wanted a link. What I'm asking is how can I send a link to my website so that people can browse it for issues without it being live on the internet? Cheers.
  12. What kind of a life can you have at 16? Not a flame, more a theoretical question.
  13. Must ..... resist..... guy
  14. I don't mean to sound obvious but is always my first point of call. They have the largest collection of open source software I have ever found. I do use Ares for mp3s and Rapidshare for everything else though. I know some people don't like having to pay with rapidshare but it's about $3 a month for a safe, reliable and full bandwith service. I also dislike using torrents as have always found them slow and unreliable in my humble opinion. SshBlack
  15. Firstly Quazor I see that you have resurrected many old posts, some of which you have contributed no helpful information. Saulomo has asked a valid question here, and before you "lol" why not realise that no-one has touched this post since June? Also, I can't say that I'm impressed that you are "lol-ing" when your sentence is "I don't think there b one here." If you have something valuable to contribute to an old thread, then I'm sure binrev will happily listen. If you just want to act like a moderator by telling someone who posted 5 months ago to "read the rules before posting again." then please don't bother. Sort out your grammar and intention, before you tell others what to do.