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  1. very sexy!!!!
  2. change the password. lmao and make it long with caps and numbers. that easy! like my longest password is 152 numbers caps and letters.
  3. Backtrack 5
  4. where the hell is everyone?

    1. phaedrus


      its like irc, you have to idle and sit there all cool saying nothing to be "in"

  5. Ahhh Ty ty.
  6. i did not understand a single thing you just said lol....not really good at Spoofing..or scrpiting..but will learn if i can get on the right tracks...Heck it will give me something to
  7. that was free and can get info..i have a lot of numbers on my phone and i dont know who they are...some are even prank calling and im like wtf...along with txt mesg..dont know who they are.. and Yes i have been using Google and have been searching for quite some time.. still searching BTW....
  8. LOL, they probably blame it on us...
  9. HA. they cant hack shit, all that radiation must have gone to there heads, that's probably y they are all bald. .
  10. and breaking its encryption is almost impossible?
  11. well we will never know till we try...
  12. i would love to help... i just dont know what to do to help..... EDIT..i can search and do some other things but yeah Im mostly a hardware hacker... i stay away from computer Hackorzing because im afried of the GOVERNMENT... dont want to go to jail EEEEk
  13. Will do thank you very much. :)

  14. I(F you ever get a chance read Understanding Sun Tzu on the Art of War by Robert Cantrell.....

    It explains how the US Military has interpreted it and expanded on his philosophies

  15. Waooo....this is Serious.