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  1. thanks those are both great links
  2. so i've been googling around on alot of sites and finding a ton of interesting word documents. i just heard a lecture about metadata and apparently it's possible to see edits in documents and the name of the computer that made them. unfortunately, the talk said very little about how one might go about extracting the information. you guys probably already do this, so what tools do you use? any good resources?
  3. not to be confused with "utorrent" the bittorrent client for windows i have used tons of sites and youtorrent is the best because it searches the top ten bittorrent engines in real time. theres lots of spam, but the torrents are the fastest i've ever seen.
  4. spinrite is an awesome live cd for reviving hard drives
  5. my kit: usb stick: full of apps for windows and a usb switchblade cd-rw: a live cd with either a linux distro or OPHcrack if need be multitool: invaluable pocket notepad and pen: because i dont like to store sensitive data on my hard drive library card: for free internet at any library phone card: no cell digital camera: incase i see anything interesting plastic bag: for keeping my shit dry comfy backpack and of course small amounts of cash, bus tokens etc... that said, i would much rather have a laptop with me. if there is anyone reading this who doesn't have a computer of his own i recommend that you just see if you can snag one of your friends or relatives old computers. people throw away 4 year old computers all the time...
  6. yeah its certainly possible, you need to work out a few finicky os x things first. heres a tutorial:
  7. hey greetings from canada new ta binrev but listening to tons of back episodes of the podcast.