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  1. Yeah, thanks guys, that's what I thought. Back to Newegg you go! /thread
  2. So, what you're saying is I got a bad stick on my hands?
  3. So, I've returned to ask a, quite possibly, idiotic question concerning the ram capabilities and possible errors of the 64 bit version of windows.So, not-so-recently I've built my new uberrig, which I plan on upgrading later so no comments on the name please =] Anyway, I had originally planned on installing 3GB of ram in this baby, to later upgrade to 8. I had let my friend borrow my two windows install cds, both XP, one 32 bit and one 64 bit. The cases were labeled, not the cds (stupidity, I know) and apparently my friend switched them, because it was my intent to install the 64 bit version, but I ended up install 32. Anyway, I couldn't find my 1 gig stick, so i decided to get the 4GB kit, (Pc2-8500,if it makes a difference) Well, of course, following the install (keeping in mind this is windows 32 bit) I did a memtest, as I always do. So, my general question is, could the fact that I had 4GB of ram installed on a machine running 32 bit windows cause it to A. blue screen and B. fail a memtest? thanks guys EDIT: sorry, forgot the typical specs question: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz processor Nvidia 9600GT 1GB graphics card PC2-8500 4GB ram kit ASRock P45R2000-WiFi LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard EDIT 2: on more thing, keep in mind this was a local, windows based, .exe memtest
  4. And my previous avatar wasn't? He's got a point ya know
  5. I believe this calls for a... DFTT
  6. Hmm, yeah I though it was some sort of hardware fail. Would it actually graphically run this check at every boot-up though? I mean, as far as arcade games go, is there some sort of miniaturized OS keeping the hardware in line and actually running the game software? And yeah, I think I well ask some questions to the Mame people, thanks Ohm
  7. I snapped a picture of a Simpsons arcade game, apparently from '95. It was in a small game-room at a movie theater, I noticed it blinking in red during a media check, displaying the values in the picture, with a red "fail" (which I did not get a picture of) next to CDR (bottom of the 2nd column) The hardware check kept failing, and this diagnostic kept looping. Anyone seen something like this before?
  8. If this is still relevant I had problems a little while ago with installing Ubuntu and XP on an external drive and, all be it USB, I got BSoDs and Ubuntu boot failures all the time, the files and setting just seemed to disappear. I wouldn't recommend it, although the people above me seem fairly certain it will work, so if you're gonna do it, at least use eSATA, would probably work much better.
  9. I have one thing to say. Fuck me sideways There was a six-pin power connector in the back of the graphics card that I missed completely, and, as stated, I feel like an idiot. Thanks for all the help guys, sorry about the hubub.
  10. Of course, the beep codes are not in the manual and, of course, tech support is email only. I emailed them and got the generic response about troubleshooting and such, as Ohm detailed earlier, and this time I responded back with an actual request about the nature of the beep codes. I'll keep looking around the Asrock website while I wait for an answer, I'll keep updating
  11. Ok so update, speaked installer and got me some beeps. Sound like 2 quick beeps then 8 spaced out beeps, and I believe that is a display test failure but I'm not quite sure what that entails...could anyone explain it to me? EDIT: Fixed number of beeps, listened a few times to make sure it was good, and found I was off by one
  12. Yeah it usually helps to have a slow burn speed, actually probably the minimum possible. This minimizes the possibility for errors, which may have occured in your case
  13. Well I know Fox has an audio feed for $2.99 a month on cells, but I'm not too sure about the stated in the article, the number to call is #foxn, or #3696.
  14. I said that a forum is a place for people to share opinions, ok? And you were accusing us of saying things because "nobody asked us about it" So, that's hypocritical. We have no problem with you sharing your opinions, but when you revive an 8 months old thread with " hahahah......that is not hacking......da is jus being kinna smart....... " a useless comment just to up your post count, that's when we get annoyed. Share your opinions in threads that aren't dead, not old crap that nobody has looked at since January.
  15. There is a 20-pin and a 4-pin on the PS, both wrapped in a separate mesh labeled power, and since I ordered a power supply with a 24-pin ATX I pretty much assumed that they both go in the 24-Pin power connector. And yes, they are oriented correctly. Also, the curious thing is that there is an 8-pin 12V, which I made specifically sure to order on the power supply, and all there is is 2 grouped together P-4s, which I assumed were meant for that 8-pin, plugged in and oriented correctly. Unfortunately, no PC speaker as far as I can tell, I might have to get one. There's a speaker header, yes, but all of the other boxes I've got lying around have all onboard, physically soldered to the mobo. Fans are spinning correctly, all 4. Again, no speaker. Working on that, but either way I will keep this in mind. Trust me after going through returns with newegg once or twice, I can tell you that I DO NOT want to return that board. I've got tones of parts lying around, and I'm still working on it. I'll get my hands on that speaker, thanks for the breakdown Ohm.