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  1. It not my computer error its my virtualbox telling me that error when Im trying to boot the OS on it.
  2. Im getting a error that says im running at 16 bit color mode and I need to run at 32bit so how do I do that I cant find the setting anywhere. thanks for the help.
  3. its a old hillybilly town.
  4. Iv been hacking for a year almost and last night I was next to a pay phone so I stuck y laptop speakers by the phone and make the quarter sounds and My number and it actually worked so I Kinda hooked on phreaking now so you guys have any suggestions thanks
  5. Amen Brother!
  6. ibuypower I a bunch of parts that didnt make the assembly line and had to be repaired and sold cheaper and I heard that there costumer service sucks to. Best bet is dell amazing everything.
  7. Here is something but I dont know if its the trial vs or not:
  8. I love my dell and the ppl you talk on the phone if you have trouble are going to be from another counrt but they help me alot with quistions and eveything and the online help is good to I accedintly pop a key off and they sent me a whole new keyboard even better than the original. I love my laptop good brand if you pay the big bucks.
  9. Never thought of it like that but still a kick ass game!
  10. When Your in game play and you go to the settings on the menu list everything was on medium.
  11. Dell INSPIRON | E1705 Vista Home Premium/Linux 2 gigs of ram Nevidia Geforce 7900 256mb Intel Dual Core 2.0 CPU 120 Gig harddrive (Play good to) edit: Medium settings
  12. I play it off my laptop amazing game!!!!!
  13. same thing but nicely put also.
  14. I dont think using Metasploit makes you skript kiddies a script kiddie to me is someone that doesnt want to know how tings works they just want know enough just to use it and they dont want to look for there answer they want it given to them and they dont want to experemint with tools and computer languages to make things work for them they just want something out of the box to work. To me that is a skript kiddie.
  15. Ya its really good to. I have that and Turkojan.