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  1. Its not really the card that you're looking for compatibility for, but the chipset on the card. If you head out to bestbuy and look at the PCI cards, make a note of the model number on the box. Head back home and use google to find the chipset in the card, and then see if that chipset is supported under Linux. I do know that Atheros (wifi chip company) released a ton of support for their N cards not long ago, and Atheros is maybe one of the best supported chipsets for Linux in the first place, so you'd do well to find an Atheros brand chipset. Avoid Broadcom if you can. Its supported, but only certain chipsets. The one in my new laptop, for instance, isn't capable of injection. :pissed:
  2. Now that looks like it could be fun. Reminds me of an XKCD strip.
  3. Depending on what you're doing, you might look into Filemon and Regmon, both of which are tools released by Microsoft to monitor any/all file and registry changes on the fly. They also have a program for Vista called Process Monitor, which does the same as both tools, plus a lot more. Very handy when you want to see if a certain program is messing around where it shouldn't.
  4. Quick and dirty... blocking port 80 on the firewalls. Should kill web browsing quite fast. Instant messengers have their own ports that they use. Now, as to why they would block just port 80 and not use a kill switch, who knows. Does he get a custom error message, or the generic one for his browser of choice? Knowing what firewall they use would be a good start in bypassing it.
  5. Add another vote for Ubuntu, here. Its by far one of the most user-friendly distros out there, and has a huge user/fanbase. The support forums move really fast though, so the "search" tool is your friend for any problem. I think every problem you'll face as a new linux user has been covered at least 20 times before there. And just in case you're still sitting on the fence: "The definitive dual-booting guide: Linux, Vista, and XP" IMO, that is one of the best tutorials you will ever find.
  6. Hrm... where to start? lol I have a 1TB external hdd... does that count? Due to a shelf label mishap at a distant walmart, I picked it up for $95. MSRP: $225. Couldn't pass it up. If they had more then 2 on the shelf, I would have more then likely maxed out my credit card that day. But... before I go off on a tangent. Its got all my movies/mp3s/drivers/source codes/isos and pretty much every damn thing I have ever downloaded in the past few months. I have a good habit of not sticking with a current installation of whatever OS I'm using at the time for very long. And with 1TB, I can afford the space. Also helps when using 2 different laptops. As for my flash drives.. I have 6. (2x 512mb, 2x 1gig, 1x 2gig and 1x 8gig) 512mb de-cased, wrapped in gorilla tape, fits in wallet: DBAN. Never know... 512mb Attache: trash drive used for programming hand held terminals at work. looking into hacksaw/switchblade 1gig Attache in a 512mb case (factory mistake, my profit): full drive encryption with plenty of files in case I ever have the need to destroy a computer/persons life 1gig cruzer micro (clipped to my keys): Right now, its got PortableApps on it. Kinda pointless, really, so its just my geek badge. 2gig cruzer micro: brand new. ubuntu with some tools when I get around to it. 8gig datatravler ($35 shipped from amazon, great deal): wordlists, truecrypt, eraser, ebooks galore, my /b/ folder, some encrypted containers with current projects and personal information. Its my main squeeze. I also have an unused SD card that will more then likely become a bootkey for my laptop. So many projects, so little time in the day.
  7. I'm not in 812 anymore, but I used to live there in Bedford. I still go down every once in awhile and visit the family, and tend to work arround terre haute a lot. I'm pretty sure Irongeek is from Kentuckiana too.
  8. I just moved up here from 812 not long ago following my job, and now I don't know too many people. Anyone from around here, or know of any LUGs?
  9. A little more on the geeky side, you might want to check out XP Minimal-Requirements. 8mhz and 20 megs of ram. It will boot, but takes 30 minutes, and 100% cpu at idle. /offtopic
  10. Depending on the frequency you pump out, you'll notice a considerable drop in the amount of teenagers that hang around your neighborhood too. You might want to search on "Teen Buzz", "The Mosquito", and "presbycusis".
  11. Someone might like it On the first link, the second half of the video is about converting a payphone for home use. Pretty basic, but still neat. and I totally posted this in the wrong area... sorry. Thought I was in the link section.
  12. Apparently, this his been floating around for a long time. I never saw it mentioned before, but I figured I'd throw it out here. With the older versions of the firmware for the WRT54G, the router will not validate the password before processing commands. Afterwords, a quick google search brought up this site, with live demonstrations of all the above code, and explains how they are done: If you guys have one of these routers, and you're not running your own firmware, be sure to upgrade to the latest firmware available.
  13. If you use GParted with Vista, you will have to insert the vista CD (or repair disk, for OEM installs) and let the autopilot repair your installation. Then, if needed, you'll have to CD boot with linux to reinstall GRUB or LILO, as vista will replace the MBR with its own without asking, and without lubrication.