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  1. both those have worked great with my vista, and lime wire actually works great too
  2. im working on the same stuff i had to drop out of high school t o take care of my mom for acouple years so now im just getting back in. still working my ass off but theres a study guide for A+ Network+ and Security+, http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3957418/A___Ne...sktop_Quick_Ref theres some other good ones on pirate bay also. good luck. im ghoing to mostlikey go into the army, to be stationed in germany or UK. once i get those 3, i might go after my CCNA, and Linux+. but my linux skills have gone down after afew years, alot. contact me if you need anything or find anything gut. -Circuit Out.
  3. If anyone has a IDE harddrive that they dont need anymore, i need one for back up in my external harddrive case my harddrive burnt up so need a new one even if just for a bit, if not ill figure something out
  4. I'm in central London just about as central as you can get. So yeah. :monk: Matrix Code Monkey
  5. I'm not going to be all "meeting tonight" becuase theres no way but i want to know if theres anyone else in the UK, im here to work but I'm based out of Cali so yeah if not ill jsut try to meet up with some ppl back in the states
  6. im thinking of getting a new laptop in a couple months but i had problems getting linux and vista working together on my current one
  7. dude that sucks
  8. thats whats its all about
  9. sweet tee's
  10. I got a ton of stuff cuz im joining the US Army to get me experience and money for school when i get back so lets hope i dont get in trouble
  11. im in the UK write now im here for 6 more months im trying to learn some of these programs this really stinks
  12. < not hacker :pissed: < still not hacker :grr: < again not hacker <me wishes but at least i know what one is im sick of the media spamming the world wish hacking meaning anything that has to do with computers being hacking
  13. I don't like Scientology, but some of the stuff Anonymous members are doing i think takes it a little to far
  14. hey, names Nait. :borg: