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  1. This doesn't help 100% but I know there is one out there, I've used it. I don't have it on my personal pc but I do at work. I'll try to find it tomorrow. Keep searching, it's out there.
  2. In 1995 my girlfriend taught me how to cut and paste! That was the start of it all. I went to tech school for electricity and electronics which needed pcs to program chips and PLC's and different things. From there I was really hooked. I started collecting broken pcs and buying parts. I actually overclocked a P2 233mhz to 400mhz at one point, totally ground breaking stuff. I would take all my broken machines and build Frankensteins! I bought books and started learning everything I could take in. I had a friend at work that was also into computers and still is that taught me a lot of basic stuff. (good guy). I went to another school and got my Linux+, A+, Security+, MCSE, CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and I'm working on web security and design certs. I work full time as a net admin/help desk/web designer/ and security professional. And on the side I do freelance everything. I'm even a licensed electrician. As for hacking eh, it's part of the game. I find myself "hacking my own networks looking for holes and such. That's about it. I try to use as much open source software as I can and my favorite OS's are Debian and Win7. I never stop learning for sure. I have over 2,000 manuals and how to's in either PDF format or real books. Remember those? I think they were made out of paper.
  3. I had a girl do this (probably some fat hairy dude, really) they said they were from Ukraine which is were I was from. So I messed with them for about 8 emails. They sent me pictures and all that. Then I asked where she was located and I told her I had family near that area. Which is all true (lucky me). So I told her to meet my cousins at there Sambo school they own. Which is true, (Sambo is a form of martial art). But, before she went I told her to send me a pic of her holding a apple in her left hand while standing on her right foot. Needless to say I never heard from them again. The really funny thing was half way through my sherade I left my gmail logged in on my wives computer and she seen my conversations. She was pissed for like three days and I didn't know why until she broke down and told me. I explained the whole thing and had some good laughs. I know leaving my gmail logged in on her pc kinda doesn't look good for some one who works in the IT security field, but what ya gonna do.