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  1. Hey, I dont know if this is in the right section, and sorry if it isn't. As you can see I'm new here, and I just swung by trying to find a folgers calling card, which i never found, but i was looking around and got curious. A while back when my drunken buddies and i were...well...drunk, we started dialing random 1800 numbers. Eventually we dialed a number (which was my friends last name if in text), and It went to someones house that we believe is decently far down in the states (he has a thick accent and calls the police "the sheriff"). I was just wondering how this is possible? he doesn't know this 1800 number exists, and he gets real angry because I call him all the time telling him he's my father and I need a ride from the airport. I just called him this second, and he sounds like he is sleeping. So can anyone explain this to me? how a random 1800 number can lead to someone's house without them knowing it exists?