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  1. wow, hardcore
  2. good luck with that. you would need to be able to predict the packet sequence number. but maybe you could just overwrite an existing packet if youre arp poisoning to route packets through yourself. i dont know how though
  3. lol, lolwavez. what program did you use for those graphics?
  4. works too
  5. haha are those real weapons??
  6. i have a 6.9gb backup of unreal 3 as an iso, which i want to burn to dvd. but i don't have a dual-layer burner, so does anyone know split it across 2 dvds? i DONT want to split the iso and put half on each dvd, but split the extracted iso, and have it still work (install). disclaimer: the iso is a (legal) backup of unreal 3 whose disk i have now lost.
  7. and doesnt your iphone have a camera?
  8. thats not higher resolution....its just bigger
  9. can u post a high res photo so we can see better?
  10. lol of course same size too. if youre gonna be a poser then you better do it right. He may be a poser, or he may actually be Steven Larson. lol. and im actually queen of england! edit: dont tell anyone though
  11. excellent, thanks
  12. wow, you have a bigger setup than the command and control centre for the aus victorian rail network
  13. are there any programs out there taht can be used to see what files are in use by a remote computer, and it's ip address? and posibly be able to disconnect the user or close the file handle?
  14. thanks a lot guys, Gparted worked a treat!