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  1. Now if I only had my hardware phones..... Anyone tested this here?
  2. Nice, very nice. Wish I was creative like that.....
  4. Cool tool, scary idea..... I am very very cautious about google right now. I love the "Google will never rent or sell a user's personal information to third parties without a user's explicit permission." What are they going to call me up one day and ask first?
  5. ::drools:: ::get jealous:: Awesome stuff dude!!
  6. Although I have never really talked with you, it is always a sad even to see someone go. Best of luck in all you do and with whatever life brings you.
  7. I tried it a while back. Friend wanted to try it so I go to install it.... It was ok, didnt use it all that long, but seemed ok.
  8. OMG Word plays....
  9. Dont think they have brains..... (Not sure if you have spent the hours on hold or with Broadvoice CSRs as I have been.) Know a friend that called had an issue knew how they could resolve it.... They told him he was wrong. THEN, they fixed it and said the issue was ..... WHAT HE SAID WAS WRONG. Anyway, I like bv, but they are morons, make me feel smart.
  11. I have not had any problems passing DTMF. Not sure what is going on for you. I know you have probably had like 100000 people try to help you, and most are probably smarter then me. But, like I said I have had not problems passing DTMF, so i can try to help you out if want.
  12. Good points, you put my worries into words.........
  13. I have been using broadvoice for about 5 months now. they seem to be making alot of changes which they do not inform asterisk users on. Currently, (at least a few days ago) I have been having problems with call forwarding. I call into my number then try to call back out, and get an error. At work now, and can not ssh out, so cant get the exact error. Again they made a change, didnt inform * users, and so have to play with it. But all in all, they are a pretty cool company, for usually everyday calling. Actually know someone that called and asked if they cared if you scanned or not. They told him they didnt care.... Still have not had any problems with them.
  14. They, boardvoice, are cheap and you get alot of areas you can call (if you do with the unlimited world plus) However they are pretty sh*tty. They have about 12 employees, many of the dont know anything or know little. They dont tell you when they make changes that will effect Asterisk users....... However, they are cheap, and if you can handle the sh*ttiness, they are pretty cool. (Being able to call Taiwan was a BIG plus for my family...)
  15. i guess that would make 2 of us natas. yeah, me that makes four (including ntheory) Five... (If we keep going like this it's going to be a 10 minute intro) Just because I know I am not cool enough (no jokin either)