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  1. milw0rm, you will be missed... So long, and thanks for all the phish!
  2. It's not your router. I've noticed this the past few days while looking to grab the RC. Still down
  3. I'll be going. Will our 'undercover' friends be there?
  4. There's a post bot here for the RSS? Oops! Another unintentional omniscanning has been done I guess. PathDaemon: Don't worry about it. Just know you've been omniscanned. But really, this may have been simply to show some life from the basenet crew. Will there be a new show soon? I guess you'll find out!
  5. Let's see if I can remember properly... Started with Red Hat 6.0, 6.1, 7.1, 7.2 moved on to Slackware: 8.1, 9 then on to Gentoo.. forget the version, but before they used dates back to Slackware 10, 10.1, battled between that and Gentoo for a bit went on to Arch 6 found and used h3knix 1.7.8 - 2.2 back to Arch, and am still using today, though waiting for an Arcane release (new h3knix name) I've tried many others as well, but only listed the ones I've used for an extended period of time.
  6. It seems I won't be able to travel to New York for HOPE this year ...... Who am I kidding, I'm there! -slick0
  7. Nothing planned? Since when? The last few meets I've been to there was more than a little indepth descussion on certain topics. Asterisk may be worth noting. Besides, I have some ideas for future presentations that should be interesting.
  8. What the hell, nenn? No 'gr33tz' to Albert?
  9. I will be there for sure. -slick0
  10. It is confirmed.. I am going to notacon this year!
  11. I-baLL and myself were the only ones at the meet yesterday. Aside from looking at random books in the book store there, we were trying to think of ways to get more people to come. I'm going to make some nice looking br212 business cards to pass around at the next 2600 meeting. Hmm... Maybe I'll droplift the cards at computer stores in the area as well. Hopefully there will be a bigger crowd next time.
  12. Of course you gotta do what you think is best for you, but I can't see how you would be a fuck up. You've contributed alot to the community, and I'm sure I speak for alot of us here when I say all you've done is greatly appreciated. -slick0
  13. Windows for Workgroups 3.11, AOL 3.0, and AOHell. 'Nuff said.
  14. Now I am not knowledgable by any means in this kind of thing, but in the real collision you linked to, the values that differed between the two were all changed by 80 (hex, of course). That pattern may be worth noting in looking for a possible formula.
  15. So droops. If basenet wants you to continue to mirror the show, let your wife win at tetris? That works nenn, if you want to say something mean, just make sure you include "These views are not necessarily those of basenet radio, it's hosting company, or any other affiliates."