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  1. Hey guys. I had this idea the other day to pipe the audio output of mplayer over the network to stream from mplayer. I looked around a bit and supposedly I can do this with a fifo. Anyone have any idea how'd I'd go about this?
  2. I came up with a kind of janky workaround. Ran nc localhost 1234 < x.mp3 on the sending machine and nc -l -p 1234 | mplayer - on the playing machine. It was a little choppy though.
  3. I just had an idea and I wanted to see if anyone else had done this before. Can you remotely control a computer without using a program within the OS (eg VNC)? I'm thinking in terms of repairing a computer, such that you'd be able to do it even in the event of bsods and situations where the OS is knocked out. The only thing I can think of like that might be serial connection, but thats not really how that works from what I (limitedly) understand about it. Any ideas?
  4. Hey guys, I have a bit of a wacky question. I'm working on a toshiba l645 laptop that won't load the bios settings editor. It had a corrupted hard drive, so I got a new one, but I'm unable to install Windows on it because hard drive is ahead of cd in the boot order. I can boot cd if I remove the hard drive, but of course I can't install with that because it doesn't detect the hard drive when I put it back in. I was thinking that if I could hook up the hard drive externally to another computer and format it with some kind of software that just immediately boots to cd when the hard drive, that might work. I threw around the idea of putting Smart Boot Manager on a hard drive, but I have no idea how I'd go about doing that. Does anyone know how I would do this or have any other ideas for work arounds?
  5. So I have a little computer repair business and I've noticed that a lot of the time when people ask me what was wrong with their computer after I fix it, a little voice in the back of my head shouts "YOU HAVE WINDOWS!!!". I've really wished I could just set up my client's with Ubuntu, and now I'm thinking I should turn that into a reality. Has anyone heard of a business (big or small) successfully marketing Linux installation and/or dual boot set ups to the average person, or done it themselves? I think at this point with Ubuntu in the shape that it is, many average people could handle Linux. I'm not thinking about preaching it, but I'm thinking I should start presenting it as an option to people. Do you guys think this is a good idea? Any advice from anyone who has tried this or heard of someone trying it before would be welcome
  6. Yeah, I'm thinking I'd mostly do dual boots. That way if they end up not liking it for some reason or need to run a windows program, they can just boot into windows and I don't get a bunch of calls to put windows back on their computer. I've also been looking for a good article to link to or put on my website that explains Linux a bit and will help client's decide whether linux would be good for them to switch to, telling them things like if they just use the computer for email and office applications and such then the stability of it would be a huge plus for instance, but at the same time not leading them to believe its good for everything, so saying straight up things like that linux isn't very good for games or that they shouldn't switch if they are very dependent on a specific windows program. Does anyone know of an article on the net thats like this? I figure if I can't find anything like what I'm talking about I can just write one, but I'd prefer not to reinvent the wheel if its already out there.
  7. HTML is relatively simple. A lot of people can just learn it reading code from different websites they visit. Check out this link: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_intro.asp. No need to invest in a book if you can get the info for free on the net.
  8. I am wondering this as well. AVG has always worked fine for me, though I also use the flash drive version of Clamwin.
  9. This isn't anything new to me. I used Ubuntu 7.10 and it ran just fine, and then as soon as I upgrade to 8.04 everything became ridiculously slow on me. That was when I switched over to Debian and everything has run great ever since. Ubuntu has gotten waaaay too much bloat. Originally it was nice cause it had a lot of features and was easy to use, but they just keep adding more features to the point that its getting ridiculous.
  10. I'm envious of you guys who had classes that got you certs. As a guy recently out of high school and making very little money I realize getting a cert like that in high school could be paying off big time right now. They really need to have more programs like that for all kinds of professions.
  11. Interestingly enough the computer classes at my high school were pretty good. I already knew everything we learned in the normal computer science class, but I think thats saying something about me rather than the class considering the class taught C. Plus the teacher was one of the coolest guys ever. Once I got into AP the next year though I learned a bunch of stuff. That one taught Java and I learned a metric asston. They also offered an ROP class, Computer Networks and Systems, which I didn't take, but I did have a friend who took it and he said he learned a lot.
  12. If anyone is interested, I borrowed a few lines of SwartMumba's code to finish up the section of that bot I deleted that I mentioned in my previous post. Its pretty messy and feels pretty incomplete right now but it works as long as you don't attempt to use arabic or do a few other things. If anyone wants to take a look at it you can find it here.
  13. I've had a bit of problems with this version of OpenSolaris, I think it might be my specs. I tried booting it on an older computer and it didn't get past the dots across the top of the screen at the very beginning after grub. Then I tried it on a better computer and it got barely past that. Then I tried it on virtualbox and virtualbox crashed... this thing is not being nice to the doctor
  14. I just got to thinking and I realized that I don't know why exactly ISPs are necessary. Can someone explain to me what they have that I don't that makes me have to go through a middle man and why I couldn't just make my own ISP? I guess basically what I'm asking is how one would make/start an ISP.
  15. I made an irc bot with python doing something similar to this a long time ago. I actually used an html parsing lib (sgmllib) rather than messing around with packets though. I did it by manipulating the url a bit. It goes like: http://translate.google.com/translate_t?text='text to translate'&hl=en&langpair=es|en&tbb=1 this translating the words "text to translate" from Spanish to English (yes, I know text to translate is not Spanish, this was just the example in the notes I made). I accidently deleted a good chunk of the code shortly after I finished the bot (this is why we keep backups ) so I don't have exactly what I did to parse the page returned from google, but I hope this helps you out a bit.
  16. So would it be possible to just go straight to a top level ISP, and if so, would it be cheaper?
  17. I'm sorry, I feel a little ignorant, but can someone explain to me what backbones are?
  18. Anyone use it? I just found it for the first time and holy hell its fast, plus I kinda dig the look. Only thing that keeps me from switching to it from Gnome is the lack of auto menu generation, anyone know if theres a script or something for that anywhere? For those of you who haven't seen it: http://equinox-project.org/. Its definitely worth checking out. For some reason a lot of distros don't include it in their package management repos apperently.
  19. it looks like Windows 95... which makes me nostalgic
  20. I use to run mac on my PC I'm tempted to do it again after reading this. I remember back when I did it I had a hell of a time finding some of the patches and stuff, in particular the maxxuss one. I don't know if that one is still used anymore, but if anyone needs the maxxuss patch you can PM me, I think I still have it around here.
  21. man, I was so pissed when ubuntu made Firefox 3 their default version of Firefox. It was like "ooo, 8.04" *click update* "...wtf!? all my plugins stopped working and this thing crashes on me!". The doctor does not have love for Firefox 3 :pissed:
  22. I've never contributed to an open source project, but I've thought about doing it and wanted to before. I guess I just don't really know how I'd go about getting into it. Anyone care to enlighten me a bit? Oh wait... I did send one bug fix to the developers of python for psp a little while ago, but I think thats it.
  23. So I recently (re)obtained a DI-614+ router and 4 computers. I want to get all of the computers on the internet on the other side of the house from my modem and the router I've been using. I've been trying to set up the DI-614+ as a wireless bridge for this purpose. I was not seeing any option to do so with the latest firmware, and googling around I came up empty handed I was thinking of perhaps using firmware for a different model router (I vaguely remember hearing of someone doing that for something on the same model router a few years ago), but I don't know what firmware I would use or if this is even a viable option. Does anyone know how I might set up bridging on this router or know of a site where I can find out how?
  24. Alright, I haven't really fixed the problem but I may have found a way around it. I just set up my laptop as a bridge, and I have it plugged into one of the computers and it works all good. One of the things I needed to do to set it up was setting a static ip on the computer being bridged to though, and I have no way of setting a static ip on the DI-614+ (at least from the router settings). I was sorta thinking of hooking it up through its wan port to another router that had DHCP and assigning it an address through DHCP (although thinking about it more I realized the router probably doesn't have a DHCP client... so guess thats moot), or fooling it somehow into thinking my laptop was an ISP, but I don't know if either of those would be feasible or not. Anyone know what the best course of action would be? I also have a hub (CentreCOM MR415T) that I played around with a bit. I was able to plug the laptop (Debian) in, and the Windows computer in, and the Windows computer was able to get internet access from the bridge. I went and plugged 2 others into the hub (Ubuntu on PPC and Slackware on x86) and the hub didn't even flash up a light saying they were connected. I tried using the same cable for each of them, and connecting them up each individually with the laptop through the hub, but it still didn't even flash up a light. I'm thinking this could work out easier than using the router, but I have to get it fixed up a bit too. Does anyone have an idea of what I should do about this one? And of those two, which path should I take?
  25. damn, I just checked and its not compatible with any of them