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  1. WhatChout, you are right I can't take a joke concerning this issue. As to my own activities, I have actively used my hacking skills to assist in the arrest of three different pedophiles who are now behind bars for distribution of child pornography. The point of reviving this thread as I said was to point out the longevity of the problem. I had no intention of using the forum to dictate what people should or shouldn't do personally concerning the issue, but merely raise awareness of the issue. You started the the decline in the conversation with your first post and have obviously finished it with your last. Hope you feel better getting that out. Alk3, the use of apathetic clowns was in reference to WhatChout not everyone on the board, that should be clear from the thread. If it isn't, I apologize to the mislead. As to my "reward", WhatChout, I guess I'll choose failure since the dumbass award is already taken.
  2. I like Lord Wud's idea. It has a certain penache. Although the idea of redirecting brought up by BSDfan is interesting as well. Perhaps you could just just redirect them to a picture of your member and photoshop in an arrow with the words "SUCK IT LOSER"
  3. Respect from who? child molesters? Apathetic clowns? I'm just voicing my opinion concerning the negative effect pedophiles have on the reputation of hacking. I didn't realize that agreeing with everybody, spinning your moral compass, and stroking the menial mentalities were prerequisites to gaining respect. I guess I'll have to live without respect, huh?
  4. Go get spybot search and destroy, that will fix it.
  5. Hey also what kind of router? You could put OpenWrt on the thing and then VLAN them through a sniffer and you dsniff/webspy to see what they are browsing and collect their credit card info. Then report their card as stolen and it will shut the card off from purchases.... that'll teach em.
  6. You just need to go here and follow instructions. This will totally freak them out! Have fun.
  7. Yeah, I know its an old thread. That's why I used it to show that the topic is fresh in the news again. See I figure why waste valuable space starting another thread since most of you apathetic pukes will just allow it to pass on to necro status again. Obviously it will be ignored by apathetic voyeurs who think that watching child pervs get busted on the idiot box is more productive or helpful than trying to actually move public opinion towards more effective action against a group of depraved child rapers that seem to be associating themselves more and more with the hacker community. And you can stick the German remark in your @55. My heritage is German and my ancestors fought against the Nazi regime that you would like to insinuate my opinions are patterned after. Of course, apathy never took much brain power so I guess I'll have to let your infantile remark fade into the same obscurity as this post.
  8. Here is a necro thread that has become a current topic again. What is to be done about skeevy pervs that pray on school children? I don't agree with the statement I have been party to bringing some of these sick FAQers to justice, and these worthless sub-human choad suckers will do anything to sexually molest a child. Unfortunately some of these sick pukes are among the hacker populous at large and they seem to have a good organization amongst themselves. Since, binrev is all about dispelling the negative image that hackers get in the media and in government circles shouldn't we be doing our part to purge this fecal matter from our midst? Any suggestions?
  9. Should work, but don't listen to me. Just lube it up and FAQ it. RTFM is the key to all,
  10. Means what it says, "No bootable medium.." You need to install an operating system for this virtual machine right now it just finds an empty disk.
  11. So I'm feeling generous with my pearls of wisdom. Have you ever considered setting up a remote logging server on the target and your client and then passing the target logs to your client where they are cleaned via uber genius script and then passed back to the target to propagate the usual logs? I've had some luck with such endeavors, and if you tuck the daemon inside of xinetd it takes a while before any pink boy sysadmins can cry to their manager about how they have been hacked because they didn't get the proper funding and training for their IT unit. :devil:
  12. You can get a payphone for the price of 10ft of braided wire tow cable and a six-pack of budlight. Find that hick cousin with the truck and go phone wrangling. Problem solved.
  13. And for all of those nay sayer debbie downers out there who said it can't be done. In response to your initial post, you can use a cellphone to scan wireless networks. If you ask me nicely, I'll tell you how.
  14. What does your "lspci -vvv" command reveal about your card? Also, have you already installed bcm43xx-fwcutter? You will need to use the fwcutter to pull the driver bits out of a windows driver file for your card. I hate doing it that way, but when you use a Debian-based n00b luvin crap distro like Ubuntu that's what you have to do. Just kidding, it isn't really a n00b luvin distro, as you well know.
  15. If you plan on making yourself invisible you have just screwed up if you delete logs. There is nothing any louder than a deleted file to trip sysadmin alarms. Try more finesse and stop the logging daemon, then edit the logs for trace evidence, and then smoke your shell with a kill -9 command. I'd tell you more but I wouldn't want you to get in trouble, sounds like you can handle that all on your own. Watch out for the honey pot, you might get stuck.