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  1. How about getting yourself one of those credit cards that already have some money on 'em. I don't know what they are called, but you can buy credit cards with some money on them like $20. And use 'em for stuff like that. They are like temporary credit cards. Much better than stealing other people's shit. If you want the computer so bad then ask someone you know for their credit card.
  2. No dude, i can write a program in C++ and patent the algorithms i use. Microsoft, Apple, and all the other corporations do this. They patent things, from images, to methods. Even if they did not invent them and just stole them from someone else. Patents are very bad and evil things.
  3. Hahahaha, they deserved it. WOW! I would so want to look at that sourcecode. I hate this whole "intellectual property" thing. Is the code patented? It looks like another attempt to scare the shit out of people. "They got our sourcecode and may study it and get vulns to crash the worldwide web". If cisco thinks they're sourcecode is "secure" then i don't see the problem. Hell, i think they should post it themselves. This just proves to you that these corporations make unsecure code and try to hide it with patents, "intellectual property" bullshit, etc.
  4. OMFG. Has the president signed that fucker yet?
  5. This sounds so wrong. So these people are selling code back and forth? And now they suspect a free OS to have some of that code. So they sue? WTF!? That's just wrong! They never wrote any of that code. I hate people like that. :blowfuse:
  6. Why should you have to pay to have access to information? I would not fork over anything to those kind of people.
  7. I agree that microsoft needs to be divided. They are an official monopoly with a bad record. Maybe separating microsoft may have a result on the progress of TCPA. I hope.
  8. This reminds me how much i wanted to pull the gun about 8 months ago when i was about to start windows programming. It's the shittiest programming API ever. Most functions have like a gazillion arguments. I respect every single windows programmer deeply. Have a cookie! You did a nice job.
  9. Nice one!
  10. Well no shit! Why don't we just stop complaining which one is better. They both are really similar. Just learn both languages. C++ is good for the big application stuff, C is good for the system stuff. This thing needs to be put aside. There is no point in arguing wich one is better. Different people have different opinions.
  11. Have you tried grub? What distro are you using? Did you compile it? Or did you use a binary?
  12. Too bad they are used by skiddies to fuck over Personal Computers running windows.
  13. "..and it’s a two-way street where we can be inspired by their ideas as well!" You mean steal their ideas, patent them and release a similar software by microsoft for $50?
  14. Sounds like an awsome tool. I just hate it when there are no *nix versions available.
  15. k3b
  16. OR you can just configure lilo to dual boot with windows
  17. Well i've never used Enlightenment much, but you can play movies, listen to music, etc in any window manager. Enlightenment is starting to look like a desktop environment. Check out E17, it kicks major ass. And if was not on a Pentium II i would have that baby running. People at Enlightement put out awsome software. Check out their plans for E17 and you'll be blown away at the incredeble features.
  18. If you are doing a big project, get your ass on C++. I love C, but i think i may learn some C++, just because it's very structured and clean.
  19. Hacking is a term with lots of definitions. So many that you can create your own. It's a term where your opinion counts.
  20. IP

    Why do you want to port surf your own PC? Anyways, try to portscan it using nmap and see what ports you have open.
  21. I'm very interested in Asterisk. Say you have no voip and want to setup an Asterisk box. How much will the hardware cost? I have a gentoo box and want to run Asterisk on it. I wanna play around with it.
  22. Well, um... I'm on a Pentium 2 with 467mhz.
  23. If this doesn't prove that these IT guys are crap and can't compare against hackers, nothing will.
  24. Temp, you have to look the part while social engineering.
  25. I'm currently running emerge --update --deep world. I'll see if i can get the new version merged. If gentoo has it in portage.