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  1. Yeah, my library has a shitload of electronics and programming books. I got Kevin Mitnicks Art Of Intrusion from my library. They got some cool shit about bill gates too.
  2. This is the funniest shit i ever read, hahaha
  3. Holly shit man, he is not a weather pattern. How many times does he have to correct that? It's Strom not storm.
  4. Damn them, when should i expect a GNU/Linux version? :blowfuse:
  5. Ummm.... It looks like it need the winpcap library. So why not just get it?
  6. Why do people even make virri? Bastards!!
  7. google does not work anymore on my school's computers. I just can't believe school ends on wednesday. w00t! I can't wait. And somehow my account got deleted from my school database. So now i can't logon on the school computers. Oh well!
  8. Hey, you can download the whole Family Guy show on bittorrent.
  9. Dude i don't even listen to his music.
  10. Dude i told you to forget that i just said that. I'm just pissed at the response people are giving the verdict. Just fucking forget it! Move on, pretend he never existed. And all that good shit. Let the fucking guy go. ← Sounds to me like you kinda like the guy .. did he touch you to .. Be thankful it wasn't R Kelly, he might have pissed on your face! :punk: ← I used to be a huge fan. I'm not much of a fan anymore. But i just think people should leave the guy alone. He never did much shit to deserve all their fucking hatred. Oh, and will you please give the whole child molestation shit a rest? Don't like the verdict? Don't matter. He's innocent, fuckoff. Go get someone else to fuck with. And about that "It's not worth being on TV" thing. Yeah, i guess so. But here's the thing. Our society is osbessed with the guy. I mean, he's like one of those people you won't forget about easily. And why are you watching TV in the first place? People are just obssesed with celebrities. I used to be obssesed with Micheal. But i i'm not anymore. But seriously, people just need to fuck off and let the guy go. Did he kill your fucking son or something? Fuck, the guy's done more charity work than any fucking celebrity. And not because he wanted to showoff, but he because he gives a fuck. Bottom line is, the fucker didn't do shit to that boy. And if you think otherwise, fuck off. And yeah, please don't ban me for the rant!
  11. Now, why does everything have to be .exe? Why not just give out the code alone and let people just compile it? :cry:
  12. Dude i told you to forget that i just said that. I'm just pissed at the response people are giving the verdict. Just fucking forget it! Move on, pretend he never existed. And all that good shit. Let the fucking guy go.
  13. Ok. I just thought that you could put executable code in a file. And in that file inorder to mark that this will be the begginning of an executable file you put start exe and to end it you put end exe. All the ELF headers and stuff will be in the middle. But i guess i'll just have to learn about ELF executables then.
  14. Yet most of you don't show the same attitude towards Micheal Jackson. :devil: Ok, forget that i just said that.
  15. Well, maybe you can write yourself a little program that recognizes executables and executes them. Kind of like this: To mark the start of an executable the file must have some thing similar to: "[start EXE]" and to end the executable. The file must have something like: "[End EXE]". So any data in between that is interpreted as .exe data and is executed as an executable. Good luck making the program for a PS2 though.
  16. I believe you can also MAC bridge in linux too.
  17. You have to be in the server to save it. You can't change it on your computer then save it on the server. Truth is, your browser downloads the page and interprets it. So you need access to the website inorder to change the source code and save it.
  18. Now, let's get back to the main topic.
  19. Are you saying that you are running one live-cd and want to get games off another? If so, then if you have 2 cds, you can put in the other livecd and mount it. Then search around it for your games. If that does not work, then look into something that will allow you to store important data in memory, that will allow you to use a livecd without the CD. And then remove the CD, then put in the other cd. And go from their. I think that may work. But i don't really know. Since, most of the time stuff in live-cds are compressed and are mounted when it's loading up.
  20. Or you can. - Boot into a live-cd - Make sure you are root on the livecd - Mount your root partition in a directory in /mnt - Mount the other partitions that are part of that system, like the /usr or /home, if they are separated - Chroot into the root partition ex: chroot /mnt/redhat /bin/bash - use passwd to change the password - Exit - umount the mounted partitions - Reboot, remove live-cd - Boot system up, and use the root password you just setup
  21. Case in point: RMS recently appeared on the Linux Link Tech Show, but only agreed to after they changed their name (temporarily) to the GNU/Linux Link Tech Show. I respect him, but he needs to get over himself. He can call it whatever he wants, but for me and the rest of the world, it's "Linux." ← Dude, don't be an idiot. The name is GNU/Linux. Here's the story. A bunch of developers create an operating system called GNU. But they are missing a kernel. What do they do? Yeap, that's right. They see that their is a kernel out called Linux that Linus Torvalds has written. So, instead of making you fuckers wait for the GNU kernel to be finished, they use the linux kernel and release the GNU project. I think you should give these people some credit. I mean, shit. If i spent some time in my life working on a project and have idiots like you just ignore the name of the project. I'll be pissed. The name is GNU/Linux, not just linux. If you are just talking about the kernel. Then use linux, if the whole goddamn OS itself use GNU/Linux. And next time try to appreciate the people that actually try to give out free software. I bet my ass that most software running on a modern "Linux" system comes from the GNU project. 'Nuff said. Want to argue more about this, contact me in a few weeks. 'Cause comcast sucks and has not given us internet access in our new home. Now back to the main topic. If you want to install linux from scratch. I recommend gentoo. Since i use it and think it kicks major ass. Oh, and install from the stage1, not stage2 or stage3. You'll get it when you read the documentation.
  22. and especially someplace where they know the difference between "to" and "too" ← Now that's what i call critical. Strom should go to every school and correct the grammer of it's kids. We need to teach our kids proper english, damn it! English is my second langauge(Well it used to be), but i can write it, and read it better than anyone in any of my classes. And i'm african.
  23. voted #20
  24. This is insanely stupid. I mean, comeon. Why should we have to change the language? If you're so dumb that you can't learn how to spell correctly, try harder. I'm not going to be brought down because a bunch of idiots just can't spell certain words. WhiteFyles' comparison is the only perfect way i can put it. This is something really idiotic.
  25. You really can't re-compile a windows application on the unixes, unless you have wine. Different operating systems, have different ways of doing things. What you can program using your Win32 API, will not compile on another OS without special software that actually replaces the functions with the ones appropriate for that OS. This job of making programs work on different systems will be so much easier if we had less proprietory software. But nooo, everything has to be secret for these corporations. So now programmers are faced with a choice of reverse engineering systems to figure out how they work so they can port programs from those systems.