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  1. Note that I am not at all an expert on xine or any other matters related to audio drivers. What I can see is that this problem is not related to faulty sound drivers (obviously, the drivers work with other programs). So what could possibly give rise to your error message? Could it be a problem with the sound architecture? Perhaps your alsa or oss drivers do not interface well with xine? Try installing new versions of alsa or oss. Maybe it could be that your specific xine version is just incompatible with the sound architectures and that a newer version could easily fix this disparity. So installing a new version of xine may fix the problem too. Obviously, your sound cards work fine with VLC. So what is VLC doing correctly? What sound architecture is it interfacing with? OSS? ALSA? And do you have a ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/ in your home directory? I read somewhere that people who were experiencing similar problems had them resolved by removing that directory. Could it be that amarok tries to initiate KDE related audio framework while also resolving to run ALSA or OSS? All that is speculation. Just try removing ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/ if you have it.
  2. I just installed OpenBSD yesterday. Ever since then i've been trying to get my atheros PCI wireless card to work. It's a DWL-G10 and has the AR5212 Chipset. And it says that the chipset is supported, yet my card does not show up when i do an ifconfig. It is in dmesg, but has no irq or anything like that. WTF! Why can't it get my card to work? How can i do this manually? I tried using config to try and solve the problem, i tried adding it as a device copy of ath* but it did not work. Any ideas on how i can get my damn PCI Wireless card to work on OpenBSD will be very appriciated. I'm very pissed off right now since i was expecting OpenBSD to be a breeze. Grrr.. I'm using my Auditor livecd right now.
  3. I messed around with my school's network in my Cisco Networking class and sent a message to every computer on my city's school network. Luckily they didn't find out, but my Cisco Networking teacher told me that i can get expelled for doing that. Ever since that happened i've never fucked around on the network.
  4. I have a Creative EMU10k1 sound card (eMicro EM28028 AC97 Codec). I tried to load up the emu10k1 driver using the following command: kldload snd_emu10k1 Unfortunately, after a few seconds of playing some music, the sound gets messed up and i hear buzzes. This never happened in any of my GNU/Linux distributions and is pretty darn frustrating. I got my atheros chipset wireless card to work and i can read my reiserfs partition. But the sound is messing me up. How can i fix this? . This is what happens when i try to use the sound card. dmesg output (cut off some stuf) : pcm0: <Creative EMU10k1> port 0x6c00-0x6c1f irq 10 at device 13.0 on pci0 pcm0: <eMicro EM28028 AC97 Codec> pcm0:play:0: play interrupt timeout, channel dead Can i fix this by compiling my own kernel?
  5. I've pretty much settled with FreeBSD. What are some ptifalls that i should try to avoid? What are some differences between *BSD systems and Gnu/Linux? Is the system programming very different?
  6. Don't buy it when it's restricted. Get an emulator and download the games if you have to. Why is everything getting so restricted nowadays? What are they afraid of?
  7. I have FreeBSD up and running, no problems thus far. My soundcard works great. I can't wait to play around with my machine.
  8. Well that's true. Ok, i'll switch in a couple minutes. Switching systems is obsessive. I mean, i change systems like every two days. I always wanted to try out FreeBSD.
  9. That didn't fix it. Now i am running archlinux. I will be switching to gentoo, either over the weekend or during christmas vacation.
  10. I think that the Europeans have a good idea. Why not make the internet global? The US are just power-tripping bastards.
  11. The wine team will be releasing a beta wine version in a couple of days.
  12. Calm down dude. These morons are getting charged because they are downloading about 800 fucking shitty songs from the internet. Good music is hard to find these days.
  13. Like most people say, the vulnerabilities found in GNU/Linux are more of application problems than Operating System problems. These problems can be found in poor configuration of one's servers and the like. But to be honest, i do not know which kernel is more secure, i'm not a security expert. Either way, both operating systems can't touch OpenBSD. If you're worried about security and are paranoid, i advise you look into OpenBSD.
  14. In my humble opinion, *BSD is better than GNU/Linux in more than one way. Except ease of use. I'm trying as hard as fuck to install a *BSD system on my computer.
  15. Nope. I removed OpenBSD because i just gave up. The thing is, the card is not even detected. I went into verbose mode during startup and in probing ath* it said nothing found. So their is no point in trying if the card itself was not detected. Grr...
  16. I still don't get it. Here's the pattern i've been seeing. People that have shitty music out give a shit about piracy, Metallica anyone? People that have good music out don't really care about piracy. Some artists encourage people to trade their songs? Why, they are not too greedy! These guys are fucking millionaires! WTF! I don't know how anyone could even think of sharing such shitty music and movies, they all suck. About the same shit and as predictable as fuck. The good shit is never shared and takes forever to get downloaded. And when you watch or listen to it, you go buy it because the artist puts out good shit and not just because they want to make some fucking money.
  17. Learn to program. Switch to a Unix system. Learn about electronics. Create cool shit! Program your electronics. Play around with kernels and make cool programs. Learn networking and fuck around with Messaging services in Unix, file descriptors are fun! Learn your exploits and start playing around with code. Look for clever ways to do different things and just plain fuck around with coding.
  18. IDEs take up valuable RAM and CPU cycles. Use something less intense on your little box. That being said, i recommend you use something like emacs.
  19. FVWM is the shiznit. But it's a bitch to configure correctly.
  20. Thats' awsome. Now if only i can understand the language the information is presented in.
  21. That's so damn sexy.
  22. That's nothing more than FUD and propaganda. It's very clear that these guys want us to hate the chinesse.
  23. This actually saddens me. I have two books here, The C Programming Language, And Advanced Unix Programming. I have picked up neither and you are in need of a book. But nope, i ain't givin' you neither. Haha. I'm going to read 'em.
  24. Just like most of you i hate it when people confuse the word hacker with a person with criminal intent. Now i only have one question for the fraudsters, virus writers, and all those "Cybercriminal/CyberTerrorists", why the fuck do you do it? Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person you are stealing from or hurting. Does it feel good? You son of a bitch. Spammers, virus writers, and people who commit fraud need to be beaten to death. Seriously, they need to be raped in the ass and thrown off a tall building. Becuase that's just low, to do something that mean to a person is just plain wrong and stupid. They seriously need to grow up!
  25. You can do that pretty well with NetBSD.