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  1. You still rock natas, but this is funny as hell. http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=iphone
  2. I'm also rocking the unlimited data plan. Like Natas, I tether my Moto Q to my laptop for internet access when need be!
  3. Nice! Great find! Finally, I can do something with that ExpressNet software and get that project going again.
  4. One last bump...Any progress? My phone is begging for this!
  5. Thanks Strom. Ringer2 is now rocking on my Motorola Q. Perfect for 'meetings'.
  6. bumpity bump... Hope this project isn't killed. Updates?
  7. Nice app BlackRatchet! Just tsted it out on my Motorola Q and it works like a champ. Now if I only lived somewhere where I could use it to it's max potential...
  8. Seems like a pretty cool app! I'm interested in seeing how it all works. If you need a beta tester, drop me a PM. I have a new Moto Q I can try this out on.
  9. I've been rocking the Pulver WiSiP phone for about a year now. I have yet to get it to work with WEP, but you can store your keys in it. I have a separte wireless router that I use strictly for VoIP. Sound quality is good, reception is good. Was it worth the $150 I paid for it? ...nope Nokia just announced a WiFi cellular phone a couple months back that looks like the best of both worlds. Can't recall the model though
  10. I know it's early to start planning for cons. But if your car situation doesn't work out for ya luminare, I'm driving with a friend of mine down to HOPE. We'll be leaving from the Buffalo area. I'm sure we will have room for one more.
  11. If your on the Right Coast and live in one of the few states that deals with the Talking Phone Book, check out: http://www.talkingphonebook.com/portals/4641.jhtml Downloadable directories and FREE CD-Roms for select locations...
  12. I also got my reply today from Desiree: :voteyes: Shouts to IronGeek and ponyboy for bringing this info to the surface. Free stuff is always good from the NSA! Stacksmasher- How long ago did you request the Rainbow Books? I thought they went out of print years ago?
  13. I sent in an email request from my work account a couple days ago (which should have looked convincing as I work at a medical facility) and still haven't heard anything. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....
  14. Right on. I might actually call up AmEx and say my card is damaged to get a new Blue card. I want to take a look at this bad boy. I never use the card anyway...
  15. Awesome find! Has anyone tried to enter an unlisted number to see what info is displayed?