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  1. i am aware carbon dioxide isn't flammable, just meant as an example. underground RT's, as are man holes, are considered confined spaces. there is sometimes a ventilation fan that turns on when the RT is opened.
  2. it's just in case of a dangerous gas build up, CO2 and other gases that might be flammable or cause suffocation.
  3. underground RT's are largely used in urban areas. they are a little more dangerous in that you have to wait before entering if you've just opened it. at least that's what they will tell you in training. disabling the RT usually would only effect the area it serves. you most likely wouldn't be able to cause any serious interruption of service unless a government facility worked out of the rt. i don't buy the "national security" bs. it's used whenever they don't have any reason to stop and detain you. "national security" is a scare tactic and catchall for hiding the motives of the government.
  4. I have a Velleman pc controlled scope. It connects to the parallel port, but they also have usb scopes. I got mine because it was recommended for an electronics course i took. it was never used in the course work though.
  5. At least in Alabama it's either 959-1010 or 959-1041. There's supposedly an 800 number as well but we never used it.
  6. I just bought some buttset leads from them. The leads seem to be as good as the originals, but i'll out how good they are when i take my non issue buttset to work. Many of their tools appear to come from reputable sources.