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  1. I'm not sure-and I'm not really supposed to be in there..
  2. your right about the pots line -when i checked the back end i saw the punch down blocks, also dialing an anac on all phones gives same number
  3. ok-so 700 555 4141 gives global crossing ld company-all the equipment there (outbound call center) is super old . the computers are running dos. no joke.and at a quick glance it looks like an old school pbx hooked up to the server..
  4. ya tp-gives me tone when using celly-though i thought it was unique cuz i only found a few-didnt think to try from regular phone-the dialers are in the computer i did a 700 xxx xxxx and got the carrier name bt i forget,, I'll be back in a week or so and post more when I find out
  5. I want one too- that's a ridiculous price for that phone.
  6. speaking of 710's I recently heard about a couple that call this company - evolve ip - If memory serves me right.. 665 3600 is one of them
  7. I'll have to try this at my work , I'm pretty sure were running Linux (I'll snoop around in the server room if anyones interested) , and what I was told is "the dialers are in the computers" . I actually have a couple computers from there that I haven't had time to play with yet. Anyways I'm curious to see what the result is. EDIT:calling from work I got flex ani failed 00
  8. I used to have a number that was either NPA 700 or 500 (I think it was 700 but I don't remember it was over 10 years ago) that would tell you the telephone service provider when you called it.I'll try to dig out my old notebooks this weekend and see if I still have it wrote down somewhere. O ,I believe it was an at&t number if memory serves me right..
  9. I agree with johnnymanson-except for the guilty part
  10. 1-708-588-3913 metro water rec dist I could have pulled their address with ease earlier but was not thinking, still can but that's besides the point.. I've never heard a number do this before. answers with dtmf. 1 through 0 seems to answer with two dtmf tones unless you hit * first, and # will disco. anyone know what this is, or know any similar numbers before I start working on it???
  11. hmm-I called that 515 number from two cellys , with different providers and got an ANAC read-back on both phones (sort of). The first two numbers of my NPA were cut off , and so was the last digit of the number..
  12. sure there are,ic0n's site is still up and that is what started the short lived state phreaks and geeks sites.. drop me a pm sometime-peace-Rpm
  13. I'm interested in this too-but I don't use the service.. I'll talk to some friends though and if any of them use it and will let me play around ,I will post it here-keep your fingers crossed for me
  14. hehe-how did you come across this? I might use it for a day cuz it's so CLLI.