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  1. I went to Fresno High School who's admin page is http://powerschool.fresnounified.org/admin/home.html. I graduated in 07 so I dont think that kklee;5632 works anymore. The way I obtained the password was to **** the librarian, but hey I liked it . Once you login using the admin page, you can find all the teacher's six digit security key. This is required to setup powergrade (the app that updates data on the powerschool server). My situation was tricky because the server only retains the modified data if sent over a local network. If you change it over the internet it reverts back in 60 minutes . So I had to know when the teachers uploaded the grades and when the district pulls them, so I could upload in the middle but less than 60 minutes before the scheduled grade query. It worked and got me through a few classes that I ditched to go smoke (stupid idea). To this day I believe that I knew more about their own system than they did.
  2. The admin login page has no text field for user name. The solution... the password that your school teachers and counselors use is their initials (first, middle, and the first three letters of their last name; (semi colon) last four numbers of their social security number. My school districts admin password to change anything from your name to test scores such as high school exit exam and SAT scores is kklee;5632 (THIS PASSWORD WILL ONLY WORK IN FRESNO, CA)