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  1. So...this isn't necessarily hardware hacking as it is figuring out how it works, but a few of us BYOPC "enthusiasts" are playing COD4 and are in a heated discussion right now about PCI-E x16 and PCI-E 2.0. A few questions, and i am hoping for detailed, full answers... :help: (we're going to refer to PCI-E x16 as just PCI-E and PCI-E x16 2.0 as PCI-E 2.0...LOL) 1: We were first wondering is it possible to use a PCI-E device (specifically a vid card) in a PCI-E 2.0 bus and will it work (we know it'll fit, but does it work?). 2: Vice-versa - will a PCI-E 2.0 device work in a PCI-E bus? (same as above - it fits, but does it work?) 3: Lastly, what's the real difference between PCI-E and PCI-E 2.0 buses, and the devices themselves? I personally have been so curious but never have never really looked very hard nor found good explanations... Thank you in advance...a lot of ppl who i build comps for are wondering the same thing and i have no idea what to tell them...
  2. Just like everyone else, straight up self-taught!!!1 And like many others, started off as being WAY to curious as to what that noisy-ass thing could do, other than play games and type papers. Started off with a gorgeous Headstart Explorer that we got from my aunt & uncle in Florida, cuz they had it and didn't want it cuz they already had a computer. It already had the 20MB AUTOMAGIC hard disk and the 256K RAM Pac installed. The box is actually sitting outside my bedroom door with the computer in it!!! (just for kicks, it's model # was the it and see what comes up) I loaded up on commands and BASIC and such, and then the Headstart got boring, and I soon found the old Commodore that was sitting in the closet. Commodore 64 was not working, and I wanted something new, and my neighbor had a Windows 3.1 system, and of course I was like trippin' over this sophisticated, advanced GUI...I was in awe. Although the system architecture of Windows 3.1 was really quite similar to the commands I had learned with DOS on the Explorer, it was fun. In school, I could be found daily in the computer lab on the unprotected Windows 95 machines just cracking away... Then, we bought our own, very first *true* computer - a Compaq Presario 7470 with an AMD K6II, @ 533MHz with 128MB of RAM; came with Windows 98. That thing was the freaking bomb. It could play all the cool new games and stuff, and it could connect to the INTERNET via a 56k DIAL-UP MODEM!!! I was like zomg! 1337!!! Although mom and dad had become somewhat wise to my *practices* and didn't like to let me play on the computer w/o asking. The Compaq was upgraded to Windows ME *GAG* and then eventually to a new HDD and a backup HDD and running XP, and it now sits in the storage room, slave to our new HP Pavilion a1710n (not that great either...) So I kinda fell out of practice... But very quickly over the years, I acquired another old Windows 3.1 from my Grandpa who bought it at a garage sale for $50 in hopes of being able to start emailing like we all do, but that was kind of an epic fail... Then I got a Nobilis Windows 2000 pc from my computer teacher at my high school cuz they had just gotten a bunch of new Dell P4s and some new Nobilis machines, and soon 3 more to come, and that launched me back in as i began hardware hacking and building/rebuilding systems, password and network hacking, etc... But, agreed with everyone else, the REAL 31337 h4x0r never stops learning, and the fact that we enjoy helping n00bs work their way into our world.
  3. Yeah, you may as well, as Word 2002 is a little outdated (I'm sure you agree ) If you want the technicalities of it, it seems as if Word has literally lost the DLL (dynamic library link) for the spell check feature. Though I will admit, the first thing that came to mind was that it lost it's main dictionary file. In that case, it would have been somewhat simple to fix, but if you're just replacing with '03 or '07, then there's no need. Last little word (PUN WARNING! ) though, be sure to uninstall Word or Office 2002 before you install whichever version you use, as mine epic failed when I did exactly what you're going to do (upgrade). I have no idea what happened, but just save yourself the hours of agony I went through trying to remove the whole mess of Office crap and remember to ALWAYS uninstall first...lolz Good luck PS: Open Office is actually pretty darn good, believe it or not...if I had known about it long before now, I would TOTALLY use it for everything.
  4. Yeah, agreed. So far, everyone is 100% correct. Although it's an OK computer as it sits, it would be a lot of fun to OC... However, most options are indeed locked including the CPU multiplier, FSB, voltage, memory, etc. Your main blocks are Dell's motherboards and the CPU itself. Even if you were to spend almost more money than the computer is worth and buy an intel Extreme series CPU, the motherboard would most likely lock out any OC'ing options. The common denominator is the mobo, and with most other aftermarkets, OC'ing options are programmed into the BIOS. But stock, the BIOS in a stock, mid-range Dell is very limited and there's really no chance of overclocking it unless you were to hack the BIOS (although I really would advise against that...). I actually am on a cute little Dimension 2100 (google'll see just how pathetic...thankfully it's not mine) - it's almost exactly the same, just smaller - and I agree from an experienced standpoint. Now for HDD's, I would recommend Seagate Barracuda's or Western Digital SE16's or Raptor's (Raptor is crazy fast - 10,000 RPM or something like that) or even Hitachi or Samsung. Mind you, Hitachi was the first to introduce the terabyte HDD to the market, so kudos. lolz But for top performance, you might want to get a regular SATA PCI card for a faster SATA 3.0 drive, or just stick with IDE/E-IDE/PATA (cheaper...usually). Hope I helped!
  5. Naw, only 3 PCI' doesn't even have a I did try a couple of universal OC tools that I know of, like Powerstrip, and they did detect the chipset, although the memory clock and clock speed were both locked... I really didn't think I could overclock it anyways, I was kinda just wondering if it was possible. Thanks, though for the future warning - as stupid as I may sound now (being that I am pretty 1337 anyways IMHO), I actually didn't know that you couldn't OC most OEM hardware...thanks for saving me the trouble! Despite being a pretty wimpy machine, it is actually kinda speedy, surprisingly, and I really am not all that interested in gaming on it. I suppose I could see if somebody wants to get rid of a decent PCI gfx card, and then keep it for whatever else I may need it for...but like I said, it's really not my PC, so I guess I wont bother...
  6. so i know this is TOTALLY retarded, but this is why we have "Off Topic" sections... so i have a crappy little Dell Dimension 2100 with a Celeron 1.1 GHz and 512 MB of RAM with the good ol' intel 82810 chipset/integrated vid. I seriously dont use it for anything more than web browsing and file storage, and the occasional net send with a random joke to ALL the computers at home on the network just to piss everyone off... but anyways, i was wondering if ANYONE knows if it is possible to overclock that video chipset. (or just OC the Celeron, if it would make the video for gaming any better) i do want to keep the computer stable and be able to change it back, as it IS my girlfriend's computer, but she just let me have it cuz it takes up space in her room (idk how, being that the thing is so damn small), and i have to give it back to her eventually... i kinda have been wondering for a LONG time how to OC those 82810 video chipsets, but never really found out if it was possible and how...any ideas? with full details if any???
  7. So, as the subject is self-explanatory, does anybody know of a sure-fire way that one can actually hack the real, online version of Edline grades rather than opening each of the pages you want to edit, opening and editing them with Frontpage or Dreamweaver or the like, saving the pages to your computer, and then opening them up in your brower? Someone I know wanted to find out how to hack this Edline thing, so I thought it would be fun to find out myself. If anyone knows, please give full details! lol Thanks!
  8. ok im an idiot but oh well. I searched backtrack fount it, and finally fount a mirror that works to download it, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, ok now what the heck do i burn to a disc, im completly confuzzled @Shadowdog... So you may have already figured out your situation (i hope!), but here's a little hand, in case you are still unsure (i'm not assuming you're a noob or anything, just trying to give the best possible helping hand I can)...if you already know how, but are having trouble finding it, then u can pretty much just disregard most of what i'm saying, except about where to get it so just like the first poster said (i forget who), they merged, obviously, and he was indeed right about his instructions. simply google (i used google, but idk what u use lol) "download backtrack" and click the very first link, which is in that link takes you right to the download page, and there are all of the versions (beta - v.3 - and obsolete) of Backtrack. they will give you the most direct version of Backtrack - no modifications, just plain old stock Backtrack (you may have gotten somebody's modified/personalized version). if you don't mind giving the beta a try, then simply download the .iso from whichever d/l mirror you feel u should use, and if the .iso needs to be extracted from a .rar, which is often the case, either with .torrent's or plain old downloads, then just google for a program to "extract .rar files" and you will get numerous results, most of which should work. or you could just download the latest & greatest stable release of backtrack, and pretty much follow the same steps. now once u get the .iso file, which should be something like "bt2final.iso" if u get the latest stable release, or the beta which might be "bt3beta.iso", then just download an image burning program. PowerISO works just great - simple, basic, self-explanatory - and if u just get the evaluation copy and don't buy, its still the same. just download PowerISO, then go to file->open and look for that .iso file you should now have, open it. once it loads into PowerISO and you see all the files, dont do anything with them, just pop a blank disc into your disc burner drive and then click the "Burn" button. when the "Burn Image File" window comes up, select your burner drive (if it doesnt automatically detect the right one, which it should, or if u have multiple burners), set up the burn settings, then click burn, and it will burn the bootable image file, and pop out the disc when its done! hope i didnt ramble too much...its a nasty ass habit...dont get into it lol hope this helped though!!!! if you need anymore help, please feel free to ask/repost or ask someone else! have fun
  9. lol thanks every1... yeah in my searching, i did find out after a while that auditor and whax formed into backtrack, which is OK now, i guess...kinda sucks, tho 'cause of how great Auditor already was, but oh well... so i'm assuming that backtrack pretty much works almost exactly the same as auditor? like the app suite and any commands and stuff that i used to use will still all work/be the same? 'cause i haven't burned it yet, for lack of CD's...i still need to buy some more lol but yeah, if any of u know if all of the above i asked about are still the same in backtrack, please feel free to post again! thanks
  10. So, not trying to sound like a n00b, but wtf happened to Auditor security collection boot cd?¿? i have one of the first versions, but the disk is so crapped up its unreadable... *tear* but then again, its pretty outdated anyways... And thats why I'm looking for the latest verison, but all the d/l mirrors are down (404 error) as well as the website. did I miss something along the way?? Even if i did, could somebody PLEASE help me out here? Like possibly give me an upload to your ftp or email me the .iso or give me a working d/l mirror to it???? 'Cuz I really specifically need Auditor... Thanks...