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  1. Fuck this. This is a horrible idea. #1: The US does not own the rights to the internet. We don't own it, we do not have the right to regulate it. We do not have the right to control it. #2: As soon as the US government does this, online retailer's will require it. I've seen overly cautious web sites deny perfectly good credit cards because an obscure field (long form zip code for instance) didn't match. A login identification system backed by the US Government would remove almost all liability for fraudulent purchases, and online retailers will require it. Many other sites will require it as well, as a matter of course. #3: Your anonymity on the internet will be protected so long as you do not use the internet. #4: Imagine how much access someone would have if they could hack your ID. #5: I can see this quickly leading to ISP's requiring the ID to login to their internet services as a way to CYA.
  2. My obsession with telephones may finally be overcome by my obsession with vacuum tubes.

  3. IP

    Well, I think that was one long setup for a facebook joke... I'm not actually sure why there are attempts to utilize VoIP in the PSTN. I think at some times it must be modernization for modernization's sake. Perhaps the equipment is cheaper? I really couldn't tell you. Is the press to implement IP in the PSTN really that great? I was under the impression that the few forays into that area were ill fated marketing gimmicks.
  4. I'm running Symbian which is a bit of a dying OS, but my Nokia E75 has a built in SIP stack and integrated seamless VoIP via 3g or wifi, so I went with it. I've been kicking around the idea of going the andriod route, but it seems most of the best phones are CDMA, and I need GSM Quad band as I travel abroad with some frequency.
  5. W.E. Portable Test Equipment: Just got this as a gift. It was calibrated in 1972, and is still dead nuts on! I love old telephone equipment.
  6. Well, my Grandfather passed away some years ago and my Dad had saved some things for me that he thought I'd like. I was going through some stuff, and came across a folder of photos. My Grandfather used to design and build amplifiers and test equipment for Western Union Telegraph Company for early implementations of inter-city Microwave communications, and other communications like inter-city fax. These are the photos of various revisions of things he was working on:
  7. Well, yes and no... I design an build all tube guitar amps as a hobby. Funny thing is I didn't know that my Grandpa used to do this until last week. Here is the inside of my last design: "Milk and Honey", a 10watt Single Ended, Class A amp using 1 KT66 tube and a 5751 in the preamp: And The Outside: Anyhow, he never got to keep his work, but I do have all of his reference books on radio engineering. They actually come in handy quite frequently.
  8. Actually, according to the IM logs: I dunno. The whole thing reeks to me. I don't know any of the facts, and most of the things presented as the facts paint a really incomplete picture at best. I feel bad for Manning, he seems to be way out of his league with all of this. I think it is also shameful for Lamo and Poulsen to be self promoting using this, regardless of if it was right to turn in Manning in the first place. As for the rest of it, I don't really know. I tend to lean towards thinking that Lamo is a rat. I sure as hell wouldn't trust him even if there is some really good reason why he did what he did. Seems to me it would have been just as easy for him to have ignored the whole thing. My take on it was that it was too good of an opportunity for self aggrandizement for him to turn down, but again: that's just my opinion.
  9. This just made my day! Fantastic!
  10. I'm building a boat... hardware hacking with a rasp and plane...

  11. LMAO! Best troll ever! You forgot to ask how to install it on Facebook! infoz: SubSeven is a RAT that was popular in the 90's, it allowed remote access to a PC. I don't know anything about "Legends" and I don't care to find out, but I bet it will be caught by all anti-virus software.
  12. Wow, thats a hell of a statement. Um, he was referring to Chronomex and Filter (albeit sarcastically), but way to be defensive about it. As to migrating the telephone network over to IP, I can see little benefit to this that would outweigh the costs of the migration(subsidized or not). Then again, I'm not an expert. It's nice to see people so passionate about the pots network!
  13. Link to NPR Story
  14. My understanding is that it operates exactly like a copper based digital loop. There is a move towards integrating packet transport managed on the backbone, and not let free on the internet as a whole. The fact that the technology itself is not VoIP does not really seem to effect Verizon's stance on FiOS when it comes to regulation. For instance in this article from last year: http://washington.bizjournals.com/washington/stories/2008/03/17/story2.html The Verizon representative refers to the FiOS Telephone service as VoIP, and argues that there is no need to apply the regulation that is imposed on POTS service because of the existing competition between VoIP services. Again, this really has little to do with the technology and more to do with the way the technology is perceived by the end user, or more accurately, how it is marketed to the end user. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I think Fiber will eventually (and probably sooner than later) overtake cable as the preferred ISP. If that is the case, we will likely see a huge increase in the numbers of customers who are receiving phone service over fiber. And if that is the case, it will be interesting to see if the advent of VoIP changes the regulatory environment enough to allow Verizon to maintain exclusive delivery over its fiber optic network, and what the next generation of regulations will look like.
  15. Honestly, I have to agree with you. And if it keeps calls to everywhere else free, then so be it. I'm interested in the legal classifications. Google Voice is an internet software company with telephone functions, but not a phone company per say. I'm reminded of Verizons conflicting portrayals of their FiOS telephone service. Sometimes they say that it is not VoIP, and other times they insist that it is VoIP (Usually when they want it regulated like VoIP).
  16. I refuse to be a web lackey for a 10 year old.
  17. Any idea of what these read? I'm assuming its CPN, but I ran into an oddity. Now when calling from my Verizon home like from Poughkeepsie NY, the first #: 641-582-1206 reads off my number just fine (no NPA). The second #: 641-363-1206 reads off 547-1386, which I can assure you is not my NXX-XXXX, or even close. Now my Verizon phone line is FiOS, and I do not yet know how it terminates calls differently then a standard POTS line, but this is not the first time that I have noticed that it does. I'm curious if this has something to do with crossing platforms, because when I checked out my ANI, BTN, and CPN, they all checked out OK. Before anyone calls BS, (I'm gonna drop these like they're hot, but in truth they've been posted other places before) Here are the #'s I used to verify. If I have mistaken these, I apologize, but I'm pretty sure these are right: 800-218-9900: ANI 541-584-0021: BTN (Last 7 digits) 990-1111: CPN Any thoughts?
  18. Well, I wrote this a couple of years ago, and if you can ignore the stuff about the now defunct Free World Dialup, and the page title (lol), it might be a good start: http://10nix.hackervoice.co.uk Hope it helps.
  19. I'm confused, is that your ANI II or your ANI? If its your ANI are you sure its not 555-1212, or (NPA) 555-1212? Maybe it's my ANI and not my ANI 2, When I get a Verizon op and SE them into putting me through to a toll free ANAC(18004444444 to be exact) My ANI was read back to me from the same payphone as 1212 and then another time as 1718 just area codes no numbers (both area codes within close proximity to my calling locations) which leads me to believe that that instead of an undefined ANI Im getting the areacode of the Verizon switch placing my call. I've only had success with Verizon payphone wise, we have TCC phones and other phones from smaller companies around here but they put me through to different ops who dont want to help me. Any ideas? I have another question, There are times when I am put through to an operator and they do what I need them to, and other times where I am put through to an operator who claims not to have the ability to place toll free calls. Are the ops who refuse to connect my call lying to me or am I getting forwarded to several different switches? Also if I call a few payphones of the same company within the same day does anyone here think they might get wise to it and resist my mad phj33r3d SE'ing skills ? Oh, if you are near or in NYC, then that makes sense. Thats what it does with an ANI fail. For more info read the 10-10-288-0 thread you started a couple of days ago. I'm not sure why the OPs don't place the call for you, but I've found Verizon payphones to be the worst with this. Payphone OPs do not usually place toll free calls, even for the "special"... sometimes they make exceptions for the truely 'special'...
  20. I'm confused, is that your ANI II or your ANI? If its your ANI are you sure its not 555-1212, or (NPA) 555-1212?
  21. That would be illegal You are one of the parties called. It would however be legal (in NY) to call a party, with another party in the conference that is silent, because at least one party in the conversation must be aware of the recording or listening. BTW, I'm not a lawyer, this is just my understanding of the legality here.